Clay Fest Participant Information

Clay Fest Steering Committee

The Clay Fest Steering Committee is a team of dedicated volunteers who keep Clay Fest going. The committee can always use input from Clay Fest participants. If you can volunteer, even better.

Meetings are held 6 times per year. You are encouraged to attend. To see when the meetings are scheduled, see the Calendar.

General Information for Participants

An overview of what Clay Fest is, who can apply, and how it works.

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Volunteer Openings

Clay Fest is a success because of the dedicated staff of volunteers who organize and run the show. Please consider volunteering.

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Clay Fest Show Application

To be in the show you have to apply. And don't forget, you also have to be a member of Local Clay.

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Local Clay Application
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Move-in Packet

To prepare for the show, the move-in packet is a must read. It contains schedules and information about set-up and break-down times, wiring requirements, workshift, and much more.

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The checklist lists each participant and the details about their booth. It is your chance to make sure that your booth will be as you expect it.

See Move In Packet & Booth Assignment


This is the layout for the venue, including booth locations.

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Clay Fest 2019 Booth Assignments

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Workshift and Committee Assignments

Participants must fulfill their workshift assignments before, during, and after the show. Here is the schedule.


The Website Gallery

If you would like images of your work included in the Local Clay Website Gallery, follow these instructions

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Requirements for advertising images

If you would like images of your work included in the Clay Fest promotional materials, then these guidelines are for you.

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