Clay Fest Meeting Minutes

What's going on...

This page provides the minutes from the Clay Fest steering committee meetings. If you're wondering how the show planning is going, this is the place to find out.

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January 6 Meeting Minutes
January 4 Meeting Minutes
February 4 Meeting Minutes
March 4 Meeting Minutes
June 3 Meeting Minutes
September 9 Meeting Minutes
October 21 Meeting Minutes
January 08 Meeting Minutes
February 5 Meeting Minutes
March 12 Meeting Minutes
May 21 Meeting Minutes
September 10 Meeting Minutes
October 22 Meeting Minutes
January 17 Meeting Minutes
February 7 Meeting Minutes
March 13 Meeting Minutes
May 22 Meeting Minutes
September 11 Meeting Minutes
Oct 23 Meeting Minutes
January 18 Meeting Minutes
February 1 Meeting Minutes
March 15 Meeting Minutes
May 17 Meeting Minutes
Sept 13 Meeting Minutes
October 18 Meeting Minutes
January 26 Meeting Minutes
February 23 Meeting Minutes
March 25 Meeting Minutes
May 18 Meeting Minutes
Sept 21 Meeting Minutes
Oct 19 Meeting Minutes
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January 20 Meeting Minutes
February 17 Meeting Minutes
March 17 Meeting Minutes
May 21 Meeting Minutes
September 8 Meeting Minutes
October 27 Meeting Minutes
January 15th Mtg Minutes PDF HTML
February 13th Mtg Minutes PDF HTML
March 12th Mtg Minutes PDF HTML
May 22nd Mtg Minutes PDF HTML
September 25th Mtg Minutes PDF HTML
October 30th Mtg Minutes PDF HTML
January 23rd Mtg PDF HTML
February 22th Mtg PDF HTML
March 22nd Mtg PDF HTML
May 16th Mtg PDF HTML
September 25 Mtg PDF HTML
Workshift/Committee Assignments PDF HTML
October 30th Wrap-Up Mtg PDF HTML
January 25th Mtg PDF HTML
February 15th Mtg PDF HTML
March 22nd Mtg PDF HTML
Booth Assignments PDF HTML
May 15th Mtg PDF HTML
September 20th Mtg PDF HTML
DeBreifing Meeting October 23rd PDF HTML
January 25th Mtg PDF HTML
February 16th Mtg PDF HTML
March 24th Mtg PDF HTML
June 2nd Mtg PDF HTML
September 19th Mtg PDF HTML
October 26th Mtg PDF HTML
ClayFest 2005 Data   VIEW GRAPHS
January 22nd Mtg PDF HTML
February 18th Mtg PDF HTML
March 16th Mtg PDF HTML
June 23rd Mtg PDF HTML
September 21st Mtg PDF HTML
ClayFest 2004 Data VIEW GRAPHS
October 12th Mtg PDF HTML
January 16th Mtg PDF HTML
February 11th Mtg PDF HTML
March 4th Mtg PDF HTML
April 1st Mtg PDF HTML
June 4th Mtg PDF HTML
September 18th Mtg PDF HTML
ClayFest 2003 Data PDF VIEW GRAPHS
October 21st Mtg PDF HTML