Clay Fest Steering Committee Meeting


October 23, 2012

6:30 p.m.


Meeting called by

Karen Washburn

Type of meeting

Steering committee Wrap Meeting

Note taker

Kris Anderson and Frank Gosar


Frank Gosar, Elise Corin, Dave Parry, Barbara Haddad, Faith Rahill, Robin Russell, Sue Siwinski, Judith Cross, Ken Standhardt, Don Clarke, Maryanne Smith, Elaine Pruett, Merry Newcomer, Linda Williams, Beth Johnson, Karen Washburn, Patricia Brooks, Nina Fernstrom-Duong, Kris Anderson, Nolan Blansit, Cecile Haworth, Denise Davis, Ziggy Blum, Kevin Runey, Dan Bellas, Beverly Curtis, Michael Fromme

2013 meetings to be scheduled and forwarded by Karen Washburn

Approval of minutes

Minutes were approved by Don Clarke and Elaine Pruett

RE:  October 2012 clay Fest

 Rave Reviews.  Don Clarke sent out a Survey Monkey, and Most of the responses were Very positive.  Many said thank you for being able to be part of the wonderful Show.  There were some ideas for discussion at the January meeting.


Robin did a monetary summary of the show.  It was the Best Year Ever.  Sales were up by 15%.  We were very close to budgeted.  Also, sorted sales, top to bottom, were much healthier than last years.  Saturday still has $526 tags not covered by dollars, so need a better tracking – get the Best People on Visa, for the Saturday afternoon shift next year.  The question was posed, do we dock the people who do not show up for the training  

Change in structure

Karen asked that we refer all decisions to the January meeting to be dealt with by the New Chairs for 2013.

Chair Reports

1.  Demo – forgot to arrange for flowers.  Sorry.  Should be pipe and drape at front of the stage for light.  

2.  Credit/Debit  - Recommend tighten the system at the sales table.  Visa shouldn’t be second of a double shift.

3.  Work Shifts – Two Out of Towners complained about having 4 workshifts.  Recommendations were made about having out of towners do other work – like publicity in other areas

4.  Publicity – Agreed that other areas could use the publicity, not just Eugene.  IE:  Corvallis, Portland, etc.

5.  Kids Clay – Lighting in the Kids Area was poor.  Plan:  use the extra lights from the Gallery.  Learning: please send All needs for each area and don’t just assume that someone has that area covered

6.  Workshifts – Had 7 chairs who did committee work.  THANK YOU!!!

7.  Security – The Side Door was Propped Open at times.  This is a Big security Risk, and potentially need to add it to the Security jobs to make sure its covered.  Also, Need later security for late Saturday, when Home Show is still open, and people wander in.  

8.  Map Hand Outs – we ran out of map hand outs Sunday morning.  Need a better recycle system – at the Entrance and the Exit both.  Add to Info/Security job list

9.  Artist’s Lounge – No real good place to make that happen. Does anyone have an RV or a tent that might work?

10.  Food versus No Food – Under discussion in January 

11.  Set up Crew – was easy and accurate.  Don’s map was awesome.  There are only minor adjustments – the Gallery was actually about 2 feet to the better.  For the Fire Regs – WE ROCKED!!!

12.  Signage – Banner had Great Ideas for places.  They were much improved this year.  Just remember that Sue MAKES the signs, the Chair is responsible for hanging them.  

13.  Gallery – never really needed 2 at a time in Gallery.  Perhaps we can save some shifts there?

14.  Aisle Host – We had one aisle host who didn’t really know what their job was.  We need to talk about getting the baskets back to the front, and from exit to entrance routinely.  

15.  NEW CHAIR POSITION – It was moved by Frank and Seconded by Don Clarke that we create an Equipment Chair.  The jobs would include Pipe and Drape – order it, oversee it; the Sound System;  Hire the musician;  and possibly include Water.  The position details would be talked about in January.  The motion passed.

16.  Splitting up the Registrar Position – It was moved by Linda, and seconded by Merry that the Registrar would be split into two positions:  The Writing portion, including the Info Packet would be one.  The Assigning of Spaces would be the second job.  Don will split up the job description.  The Motion Passed by vote.

17.  Other suggestions:  Do we need to split the bookkeeper and tag job?  What about a Group Booth? 

18.  Intent to Apply for trainee/chair positions

The current Chair will ultimately choose a qualified replacement, generally.  

  1. 1. Dan Bellas would like to apply for the Publicity position.  (see resume)  Elaine agreed and gave him the notebook.
  2. 2. Beverly Curtis will be the Cash Chair
  3. 3. Faith Rahill will take the newly developed Equipment Chair, and wants feedback
  4. 4. Dave will take Gallery Set up
  5. 5. Ziggy will speak with Frank about helping him
  6. 6. Cecile – would like to do the Move In Packet, writing portion of the Registrar.  She will talk with Don


  1. 1. Denise – for Kids Clay
  2. 2. Nancy Adams – Bulk Mailing trainee
  3. 3. Bob (Nolan?) wants to be trainee, and will find an opening
  4. 4. Merry says that webmaster is open

19.  Sub committee for POINTS needs to meet.  Karen will get them together

20.  ALL CHAIRS NEED TO MAKE A NOTEBOOK for their successor.  Web site is nuts and bolt only, but certainly a jumping off place.  Be really ready to make sure that the next person really knows all the pieces of the job from your notebook. 

Motion to adjourn

Frank moved to adjourn at 7:55.  Merry seconded.  

Respectfully submitted

Kris Anderson