Attendees: Barb Hadad, Cecile Haworth, Dave Parry, Denise Davis, Don Clarke, Faith Rahill, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Ken Standhardt, Kris Anderson, Linda Williams, Maryanne Smith, Merry Newcomer, Pat Brooks, Robin Russell, Sue Siwinski, Nina Fernstrom Duong, Elise Corin, Ziggy Blum, Annie Heron, Laura Jackson, Tea Duong, John Siwinski (attendees are not added unless they sign the roster).  

Recorder : Kris Anderson

Pre Meeting 6:30 p.m.

This was attended by those wishing to become Chair Trainees for the year

Many people talked about what they would like to do, and would like information about a job.  In the end, the following TRAINEES for the coming year were selected by the Current Chair:

  • Sales Tags – Ziggy Blum
  • Info/Security – Roxanne Hunnicutt
  • Sponsorship – Annie Heron
  • VISA – Katie Swenson
  • Workshifts – Laura Jakcson
  • Demos – John King

The following people went straight to Chair for the 2014 year:

  • Building – Tea Duong
  • Signage – John Siwinski
  • Postering – Tara Hanby

The following positions for trainees are still under discussion:

  • Secretary
  • Registrar
  • Graphics
  • Webmaster?

Chair is the responsible person for 2014, and the Trainee work is to learn the job to be able to take over for the new year.  

Trainees are non-voting liaisons to the committee.  


Next Steps/Decisions

  • The minutes from the September 2013 meeting were presented.  

Cash –Beverly Curtis sent in a report

Next Steps/Decisions

  • Very good report.  See Treasurer’s report


  • Rhoda Fleischman sent in a report.  There was a suggestion for an option for earlier in the day drop off.  Gallery had no expenses.  


Sales Tags

  • Sale for 2013 – 73,250  (more in line with 2011 sales)
  • Sales for 2012 – 85,309 (was our all time record year)
  • Budgeted, 21, 719.  Shortfall of 2, 323.50
  • Lots of breakage this year – 364.92 worth.  
  • $8 difference from cash and tags!!! Least ever
  • Had a couple of returns – which went well with the duplicate receipts being printed.  VERY HELPFUL

 Robin Russell


  • The Fire Marshall felt “nervous” about the blocked doors.  
  • Must keep Clay in Ed “pipe” clear of signage
  • Keep “stuff” out of the aisles
  • It went REALLY well (getting to be “old hands” at this one)


Trainees Needed for 2013

Bulk Mailing

Next Steps/Decisions

  • Its all good.  Nancy Adams will be the Chair next year.  

Pat Brooks

Clay in Ed

  • Raffle received $375
  • Pots Sold - $194
  • Total  $569!!!
  • Will partner with sponsorships for perhaps higher value Raffle items??? 

Maryanne Smith


  • Reportedly went well


  • Set up went well.  The Change in the space, and the natural warping of the wood make the set up be more creative this year.  
  • Will be sure and put new items in the budget for the next year so that it goes easier

Dave Parry


  • Out of 2,000 bookmarks, literally none are left. 
  • No Posters were left either.  
  • Made more maps last year, but due to conservation and fewer #’s, had maps left over to recycle.  
  • The smaller poster went over VERY well.  Many wanted to “steal” the idea.

Frank Gosar

Info Packs

  • Really Great job!!!

Cecile Haworth

Kids Clay

  • Will finish the edges of the canvas this year, and make placemats – great investment
  • Took 100 lbs of clay this year, and had 25 lbs left over

Elise Corin, Denise Davis, trainee


  • New Chair is Tara Hanby


  • Report sent by Cheryl Weese.  She was recruited late, and experience will be so helpful for her for the next year.


  • Is looking for a trainee.  
  • The job is on the web site, and requires a knowledge of data base
  • Mentoring went really well.  In the future, would like the request on the application rather than getting numerous emails
  • Should we do a scheduling change for booth selection?  
  • 2 drops in the last week
  • Registrar needs to have last minute decision making authority for use of space

Don Clarke


  • Went fairly well.  
  • Ideas:  light placement;  cash till ran out of change.  Found bills, but need to “bulk up” the tills, and adjust for larger bills
  • We still have bags left over
  • The right amount of wrapping paper – 3 reams, worked well

Linda Williams


  • Someone almost walked out with a large platter.  Ken caught him without a tag, and sent him back to get his receipt.  He “left” the platter for later, and minutes later walked out.  Great job Ken. 
  • There were other reported items of theft
  • The security needs to understand just how important their job is, and needs to have mandatory training – have a paragraph for them to read just prior to their shift
  • Security needs to WATCH and make eye contact, and not be chatting


Show Furnishings

  • Cost last year – 2400.  Cost THIS year, 1830.  
  • Many felt the change was good
  • Many “wooden poles” for booth ends
  • Faith would like to go back to the previous ProSound for demo stage, better sound
  • Others felt this was quieter and more intimate
  • Faith will ultimately make the final decision for changes

Faith Rahill


  • Would like the sign “hooks” back
  • Next year will add Men’s Restroom and Women’s Restroom signs
  • Sandwich boards were super – big improvement
  • Came in $50 under budget
  • Perhaps we will have “lanyards” for next year 

Sue Siwinski


  • Went REALLY well – Ken did a great job
  • People’s Choice had 167 votes – went to Nancy Adams
  • Wonder if People’s Choice can go to the Gallery job?

Ken Standhardt


  • Needs check signers
  • Everything balanced
  • Need to talk about scholarship money

Merry Newcomer


  • Beth was not here for a report

Dates for next year

  • As soon a Karen secures a site for the meetings (EWEB is no longer available), she will put together the meeting calendar for the year
  • Watch for your email regarding this

Karen Washburn

Ideas Floated

  • If someone doesn’t show up for mandatory training, increase their percentage taken off, or make another disincentive
  • Chairs need to know who didn’t do well last year so as not to have another like assignment


  • Motion to Adjourn by Frank Gosar
  • Seconded by Don Clarke
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m.