ClayFest Minutes, October 19, 2010


Attendance:  Pat Brooks, Katie Swenson, Judith Cross, Michael Baines, Robin Russell, Barb Haddad, Michael Fromme, Karen Washburn, Frank Gosar, Rhoda Fleischman, Faith Rahill, Tea Duong, Dan Minard, Susie Young, Elaine Pruett, Avi Harriman, Linda Williams, Tracie Manso, Leslie Friedman


Robin:  On Sunday the first shift was down 16%.  Katie had the idea to leave the doors open for another hour and made $3300 (in one hour!).  Thanks to Katie for saving the day! 

Total sales were up 11% on Friday, 14% on Sunday


Avi was on his way so Rhoda started the meeting


Robin - Numbers were up 3% overall.  Friday and Saturday were up, Sunday way down.  3 broken pots totaled $71.70. Gross Sales were $79,992.


Michael, Sales/visa – there were 3-4 mistakes that were all taken care of.  Nina will be Michael’s assistant next year.  Everyone did a good job.  New machines next year. 


Faith, Cash sales – no problems that Faith knows of.  We should not change the number of boxes brought to less than 20.  Faith gives away extras at the end of the show.  Market of Choice is a good source for best sizes of boxes.  Ran out of wrapping paper – We should have a supply of half sheets.


Tea, Building – everything was perfect except the booths sizes were off -- half booths are actually 6x10.  Either take out booth #12 or change #11 to a long skinny booth.  Experiment for next year and Tea will take Booth 11.  Maybe make #12 as a lounge.


Barb, P&D - Feet for pipe need shims.  Solution may be to turn them over.  New company worked well.  Responded to problems immediately.  Better sound system.  Pipes are wobbly.  Gap between drapes of two colors was a minor problem.  Plastic maps are still at the fairgrounds with the maintenance dept.


Cash accounting – bank found $117 mistake in our favor. 


Tracie, workshifts - Issues to discuss at January meeting – change length of workshifts to two-hour shifts.  Also discuss entity workshifts vs. booth sharing workshifts.  Problem: three person switch and crossing off workshifts caused confusion.


Revisit and redefine aisle host to do odd jobs with baskets.  Maybe someone from security can make sure that basket stacks are replenished Bubble wrap or newsprint can prevent possible breakage in the baskets.   Maybe procure bubble wrap from businesses.


Web – if someone has good pictures of this year's winners, send to Merry.  Avi took pictures of all the booths and every gallery piece.


Linda W, Security – look at sound system.  Still can't hear announcements.  May need more speakers.  Put one in Kid's Clay.  Pager would be handy.  Barb will ask P&D company for price of speaker.  Maybe buy walkie talkies for Linda.


Michael, Setup - had great crew.  What if pedestals are diff color?  Maybe use colored mats.


Signage– we need signage that says all pieces are avail for immediate sale …  ask gallery host for assistance.  Showcase has signage like that.  Signage wasn't done for demo schedule this year.  The Siwinskis will chair signage next year. Sign hanging system was awesome.  Susan Siwinski did the envelopes for each booth.

Robin – hallway has bad heating setup. 


Rhoda, Demo – no light bar for the demos.  Need it for next year.  Let them know during setup.  A pedestal to display finished pieces would be nice for next year. Canvas with plastic coating worked great for demo area.


Judith, Gallery – next year we should put ballots in Siwinski's envelope.  In Karen’s last minute email she’ll include reminder of check-in time for gallery, let Judith know in advance if  electricity is needed for gallery piece.  We need name tags for Gallery Host.  Linda Williams has aprons with pockets for gallery hosts. Gallery had Problem with printer.  Seems to have figured out the problem.


Katie, Posters – problem is solved regarding updates on closed businesses/new businesses from poster committee.


Ken, Kids Clay – 150 kids came through.  Elise Corin expressed interest in taking over the chair.  Next year will need $30-40 to buy child appropriate tools.  Will email a wish list for tools.  Where's the first aid kit?  Should probably have one at the info desk.  Michael has extra tools to donate.


Registrar – No empty booths and waitlist was exhausted.  Regarding Multi-Person booths, everyone should do workshifts.


Susie and Elaine, Publicity - call the news tip line the day before ClayFest for last minute coverage.  We were listed in the Events sections of several publications – Via, SkyWest.  The Fairgrounds calendar didn't have us listed in RG. We should expand advertising budget next year for spots with more radio stations. 


Click on link to see Avi’s KEZI interview


Next meeting – discuss official hours of show.


Frank – Graphics: 1500 maps next year; post cards done early.  Bookmarks went really well.  Ads are sweet.  Treasurer:  with new automated spreadsheet, check writing took only one hour!  Automated from spreadsheet to statement.  Two lost checks – to florist and to music.  P&D and KLCC bills still outstanding. 


Avi, Chair.  Had a great time.  Everyone did a great job – cooperative and helpful.  More baskets for next year.  This is Avi's last year as chair.  Let's think about becoming next chair.   Avi will be at the first meeting and is willing to work with next chair



Next Meeting – Tuesday January 18, 2011 at Georgies, 6:30 pm.