Clay Fest Wrap-Up Meeting  10/18/11


Attendance:  Leslie Friedman, Susan Siwinski, Susie Young, Katie Swenson, Elise Corin, Beverly Curtis, John Siwinski, Avi Harriman, Faith Rahill, Barb Haddad, Ken Standhardt, Robin Russell, Judith Cross, Patricia Brooks, Rhoda Fleischman, Michael Fromme, Linda Williams, Nina Duong, Tea Duong, Merry Newcomer, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Tracie Manso.

The invoice from the Fairgrounds is on its way.

Gallery:  People from out of town were upset with the check in times.  Will change Friday check in from 8-10 to 10-12:00 on Friday.   Then setup will be 12-3 and voting will be 3-4:45.

Graphics:  Ran out of bookmarks just before the post cards came out.  Next year will print the post cards earlier.

Posters:  We should print fewer large posters and a large number of medium sized posters.  Many places will no longer accept large posters.

Faith:  Why do we not give money back when people drop out of the show at the last minute?  If people knew they'd get their money back, we’d have many more cancellations and could end up with no show.  When someone drops out, there’s a last minute scramble for Committee work, pipe & drape, work shifts, among others.

People were disappointed that Best in Show piece was gone early.  With purchaser’s approval, we can display it until end of show and then deliver after show.

Elise:  Changing the time for gallery check-in cuts into kid’s clay set up.  Rhoda says that we can use the Demo tables instead.
          The signs stating that children must be accompanied by parent or guardian were missing this year. Will need them re-done for next year.
          Elise lost a trench coat.

Ken:  Raffle for clay in Ed made $88.  Better signage needed for Clay in Ed. Maryanne should work with Susan.

New Business:


Move the information table to the space between both front doors, put Clay in Ed next to it, and create a new booth in the old info table site.  Info needs electricity.

Create a Hospitality Chair to take care of food, music, first aid. Can
help out with other committees.  Managing music throughout show.  Will discuss at next meeting.

The flower bed near the front door was full of weeds.  Pan handlers outside building. We can put a large banner above flower bed to distract people's attention.  Dahlia Society can plant in the flower bed.  Or plant wildflower in the spring. Or place sculpture or garden art in the area.

Shoplifting problem: monsters were missing from  James' booth.  One person returned an item with the sticker still on.  Couldn't prove that it had been stolen.

DWA is the name of the company that provides the pipe & drape

Avi took pictures of all the booths and gallery pieces and wanted to distribute them to CF participants.  The last two years he sent links out to participants via Gmail.  Avi asks if there are objections to his sending pictures via  It was decided that it’s better to have Ziggy forward photos to entire LC membership.  The Gmail account is inappropriate because people may think it's official CF business.  Better to send it via Ziggy.  

Sales were down $6000 from last year (our best year).  Not as many high dollar sales.

Merry:  this was our fourth year that we’re open on Friday and was the first time that it coincided with the First Friday Art Walk.  If this happens again, we should participate in the Art Walk.

Ted Ernst issue, his price sticker was mistakenly paid to Faith, whose money was given to someone else ...  In this comedy of errors, CF lost only $7.20.  If interested in the full story, ask Robin for details!

Katie’s unsold third place piece was erroneously marked sold through the entire show.

Cash sales people should be trained like visa sales people to make sure that stickers are put on the boards and unsold pieces are not marked sold.

Merry has been given one point instead of two as web master for both orgs.  She should be given two points per year.

Alyssa Clark wants to be demo trainee.  Rhoda has had several people express interest.

Beverly Curtis may or may not be Tracie’s trainee.

Although Trainee doesn't get a point, the benefit is that they choose a booth before the general membership chooses.

Demos are chosen by work shift chair, not the demo chair.  In the future, the demo chair should be able to have input to fine-tune the demo list.  Once set, demo schedule should be put on the website.  The work shift page on the Application should have a check box in which chairs can check that they are chairs so they're not scheduled for committee work.  

Robin.  New Sunday hours worked very well.

Let Merry know if you have fewer than three years and want a trainee.  She’ll add it to the website.

How do we get people from the Home Show if they've never been to Clay Fest?  This year we had more CF signs than usual in front of home show pointing to our show.  We could also laminate pictures of pots to put outside the building and along the walkway from the home show.

Rhoda moves, Frank seconds to adjourn.