Clay Fest meeting Sept. 13, 2011


Attendance:  Elaine Pruett, Michael Fromme, Barb Haddad,  Susan Siwinski, me?, Karl Smiley, Robin Russell, Don Clarke, Michael Baines, Susie Young, Frank Gosar, Merry Newcomer, Rhoda Fleischman, Elise Corin, Linda Williams, Faith Rahill, Judith Cross, Pat Brooks, Katie Swenson, Leslie Friedman

Treasurer: still holding checks for the wait list.  Frank has checkbook available to write reimbursement checks

Registrar: no one has dropped!  When Don is out of town, Karen will help people with issues.

Graphics:  Postcards at QSL ready to be labeled.  Frank has a few postcards available now. Posters are here and a few bookmarks are left.  Projection card in Bijou.  Will have full color ad in Food for Lane County Auction program, at no charge.  After the meeting Frank will take pictures of people holding pots for Clay Fest ads. 

Building: will do all electrical and other paperwork two weeks before show.  

Setup and storage:  May have new method for hanging lights.

Pipe and Drape: PA sound system should be delivered on Thursday morning and P&D on Wednesday evening.  Will have three speakers and another setup for the demo.  She has a map of showing them where to hang black/white drapes.

Signage:  Paper for pottery protection.  Need a sign that says help yourself or something similar.  Email Susan info if you want a sign made.  All permits for city signs are taken care of.

Publicity:  Spiffy.  Everything's going well.  Have contacted everyone.  Public Service Announcements to radio stations.  Ads are arranged.  Eugene magazine and  Bijou slide are done.  TV stations seem to respond only to last minute 'news tips' to announce Clay Fest. Phoenix Inn is a business partner, and will be listed on the ads.  They'll give room discounts to CF participants.

Mailing:  Everything's going well.  New service will check addresses against their database of addresses that have moved.

Gallery:  Ballots are ready.  People need to bring pieces on time.  No late entries.  Will email Alyssa to see how many awards will be given.

Visa:  Machines have been ordered.

Bookkeeping:  Ready.

Work shifts have been assigned.  Has everyone contacted their committees, listed on the move in packet?

Security/info:  Signage brings some info.  Chairs please bring calm, mellow, jazzy CDs.  Put your name on it.  Frank has access to a generic music contract form.

Demos:  Flower ladies are lined up.  Frank moved, Susie seconded to give them $60 this year.  Also, please donate extra flowers if you like so that we’ll definitely have enough.  Flower ladies will come Friday 1:00 - 3:00 to arrange flowers.  Musician comes at 4:00.  Needs signs for demo schedule.

Meeting at noon Friday with sandwiches

Kids clay:  Will have clay donated by Georgies.  Elise is making tools.   Elise needs shorter, wider tables to match her canvas. T will need to order tables based on size of canvas.  

Webmaster:  All set.  Need pictures for member’s gallery.  All local clay members are eligible.  Leslie will send notice to Local Clay members.

Karen will pick up key to the building.  T needs one, too.  Security needs a key.

Sales:  Needs thicker medium sized bags.  Contacted committee.  Waiting to hear back.

Michael ordered 120 baskets.

Postering:  Now that she has the committee list, will send out assignments.  Karl Smiley, trainee, will take 35 posters tonight.

Frank moves to adjourn. Susie seconds.