Clay Fest Steering Committee Meeting


September 11, 2012

6:30 p.m.


Meeting called by

Karen Washburn

Type of meeting

Steering committee

Note taker

Kris Anderson


Robin Russell, Dan Minard, Karen Washburn, Michael Fromme, Judith Cross, Elise Corin, Pat Brooks, Karl Smiley, Elaine Pruett, Don Clarke, Faith Rahill, Kris Anderson, Sue Siwinski, Merry Newcomer, Beth Johnson, Dave Parry, Rhoda Fleischman, Linda Williams.

Show dates:  October 12 – 14, 2012

Approval of minutes

Minutes were approved 

People’s choice discussion

 Many options were discussed about having a People’s Choice Award.  The problems were that when items were sold from the Gallery, how do we solve someone wanting to take home that piece?  

People’s Choice Option

The final option is:  Have the People’s Choice Awarded on Saturday, at 2 p.m.  It will be on Gallery Items, and the vote will stay with the Individual Artist’s Gallery Name as items are sold, rather than an individual item.  

People’s Choice Vote

The above option was moved by Kris Anderson, Seconded by Beth Johnson, and passed by vote.  


Plan to use Georgie’s after this Clay Fest.  Will save us $1000.  

Chair Reports

1.  Mailing chair – Pat Brooks – on track

2.  Postering – Karl Smiley – 6 people assigned, but needs more.  If anyone can pick up posters, there are some at Georgie’s Eugene.

3.  Signage – Sue Siwinski – Discussed ideas for large banners

4.  Sponsorship Ken Standhardt was not present, but Karen talked about raffle ideas.  Sue will bring the banner and let Ken hang it.

5.  Info Table – would like Local Clay brochures on info Table

6.  Gallergy – Judith Cross – all ready

7.  Work Shifts – Beth Johnson – we don’t have enough people.  Some committee chairs have taken work shifts as well.  We need volunteers if there are any.  Beth will send a “needs” list out.

8.  Sales – Faith Rahill - Excellent

9.  Credit/Debit – Michael Fromme – on track

10.  Publicity – Elaine Pruett – All “paid” ads are ordered.  Still looking for “free” options 

11.  Kids Clay – Elise Corin – Have everything I need

12.  Registrar – Don Clarke – Sent out survey – 30 responses so far

13.  All – Please contact your committee members by September 15th.  

Last Meeting before Clay Fest

This is the last meeting before Clay Fest. 

Adjourn to CLAY FEST

Motion to adjourn

Respectfully submitted

Kris Anderson