Attendees: Beth Johnson, Barb Haddad, Beverly Curtis, Cecile Haworth, Cheryl Weese, Dave Parry, Denise Davis, Faith Rahill, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Dan Minard, Kris Anderson, Linda Williams, Maryanne Smith, Merry Newcomer, Michael Fromme, Pat Brooks, Rhoda Fleischman, Robin Russell, Sue Siwinski, Nina Fernstrom Duong, Elise Corin, Tea Duong, John Siwinski

Recorder : Kris Anderson


Next Steps/Decisions

  • The minutes from the May 2013 meeting were presented.  

Motion to Approve Passed

Show Status

  • Discussed new adds and conversation about where to put the memorial booth
  • Lane Events Center paid for the building rental
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance is filed
  • Tables, chairs and phone lines are ordered
  • Don Clarke is out of town, but all items are up to date
  • Info Packs are all complete
  • Graphics – Frank has posters.  Merry will take to Georgies
  • Bookmarks are still available
  • Still need to do print ads and needing some inspiration
  • Postering – Dan says, if you are putting up posters, let us know
  • Publicity – Cheryl Weese, listed the many publications she has managed to get us in.  Other ideas were floated
  • Bulk Mailing/Trainee – Nancy – Post cards go out on the 16th
  • Signage – Sue – using the Sign Shop.  We have the Banner Permit for Oak Street s. of Broadway
  • Building – Nina says the Fire Marshall is set to visit us October 11th at 2 p.m. for the walk through
  • The building will be taped the two days prior
  • Show Furnishings – Faith says Edson is scheduled from 5 p. to 8 p.m.
  • Security/Info – Karen will get the keys.  The sound system is from the building
  • Request for all security to emphasize courtesy and attention by the workers (it was requested that we have a “positive scripting” for those working the doors
  • Sponsorship – Maryanne Smith is working with Ken Standhardt.  There will be a people’s choice award again this year
  • Gallery set up – Dave Parry, “all set”  
  • Kids Clay – Denise Davis, the trainee, is working with Elise.  Discussed getting 7 yards of canvas for the tables.  And the clay from Georgies
  • Demos:  Alissa Clark is all set with tables, chairs, sound and flowers
  • Credit/Debit – Michael Fromme – this year sales training will include printing the second receipt 
  • Treasurer – please give all your receipts to Merry
  • Cash/Treasurer – Beverly Curtis re-wrote the forms, and had a stamp made



  • Don wants a Trainee

Don in absentia


  • Edward from Georgies might be the trainee for the new year


Job Descriptions

Next Steps/Decisions

  • All Chairs to keep their notebook and a Job Description for how to do the job
  • This is VERY important as we add trainees for the new year

Trainees Needed for 2013

  • Security/Info
  • Demos
  • Sales Tags
  • Graphics
  • Building
  • Secretary
  • Signage
  • Registrar


  • At 7:33 p.m., Frank Gosar moved to adjourn the meeting
  • Michael Fromme seconded
  • The meeting was adjourned 

Adjourned meeting 

Calendar for the Year

  • The Calendar for the Year is as follows:
  • The CLAYFEST SHOW is October 11, 12, and 13, 2013
  • Clayfest Steering Committee Meeting are:   October 22 , 2013