Clay Fest 2017:  October 6-8th

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 7, 2017, McNail Riley House, 601w.13th Ave. Eugene (13th & Jefferson)


Attendees:  Dick Graveline, Karen Washburn, Michael Fromme, Dave Parry, Frank Gosar, Beth Johnson, Dan Schmitt, Peter Alsen, Ziggy Blum, Tracie Manso, Faith Rahill, Merry Newcomer, Robin Russell, Laura Jackson, Debbie Christensen.


Recorder: Cecile Haworth


Meeting Began at 6:30 p.m. (McNail Riley House)




Next Steps/Decisions


The Minutes from June 6, 2017 were approved as sent. (Moved, Michael Fromme; second, Beth Johnson)


Minutes approved


Announcements from Chair



Kay Irish dropped- due to HusbandÕs medical concerns. There is a history of giving full refunds to participants who drop due to medical issues. Karen asked for discussion.


Reminder to all to submit bills to Robin.


Nolan Blansit died, Karen asked group if we should have a memorial for him at Clay Fest, and if so, who would be responsible for creating it. A discussion from group concluded it would be best to have family do it.


Will give Kay full refund of booth fee if are able to fill space from wait list




Laura will contact NolanÕs family to see if they would like to set up memorial. They can choose to sell or not. (If do sell, sales will go through main cashier and zero percentage will be charged.)


Chair Reports




The Fairgrounds has been paid and we are finalizing payments for supplemental insurance, from a separate company, to cover LECÕs new insurance requirements.



Paying as requests come in- give receipts to Robin; still have money.



We are now past final-drop deadline. Show is full; still have people on wait list.

List of sponsors is complete.


BUILDING (as reported by Chair)

All is on track with the Building Chair in regards to Fire Marshal and show layout.



Large and small posters out; some here at meeting and some at Georgies.

There are 10,016 names on Post card mailing list

Have new pictures for publicity this year—nice to have those.



Everything in place, except Boomer News. (Contact gone and working with someone new.)

Currently $200-300 under budget.



Sent emails to committee; asked for requests for preferences on postering area.

Posters available to committee—told to put up 2-3 weeks before show

Input from group on when to put up.



Postcards have been delivered to QSL—they will check for duplicates and bad addresses, returns. Have 10,016 names and not all will go out, due to duplicates and etc.

Now have a Mail Chimp account with 75 names. Frank will provide electronic postcard to email to Beth for sending out.


SIGNAGE (as reported by Chair)

Going well. Would like trainee for next year.



Everything good. Fine with keeping position if no one wants to train next year.



Michael checked machines today (our own machines)—ready to go.

Three total phone lines needed with dedicated lines; have that set up.



Chair not present.


DEMOS (as reported by Chair)

Jon is in touch with flower ladies, flowers are paid.

Frank is doing gift certificates for ladies and will give at show.


SPONSORSHIP (as reported by Chair)

Have a case of wine form last year; do we want to raffle, try to raise money, use as incentive for sales, or any other ideas? Discussion.



Everything is okay; doing some minor paint and woodscrews

Happy to keep doing job.



Printer tested for labels; works.



Sales stuff stored at Georgies; will verify needs on Thursday when move in.



Chair not present.






Job is never done, but okay. Needs to do a few more switches.

Likes job—no trainee needed.






Everything okay



Merry still acting webmaster with Cecile training and Merry trying to hand off; a bit off track with Cecile taking over Secretary position, but plan still for Cecile to take over. Merry fine for now with being webmaster.



























Consensus from group that posters should be put up three weeks before show. Locations known to pull down posters after week should be checked each week with more posters hung if necessary






















Motion to divide case and give as prizes to potters. Moved, Frank Gosar; second, Beth Johnson.

Unanimously approved.



2017 Meeting Dates


Friday-Sunday, October 6-8th Clay Fest at the Lane County Convention Center

Tuesday, November 7, 6:30 PM (Wrap-up) at the McNail-Riley House




7:25 PM (Moved, Michael Fromme; second, Frank Gosar.)


Unanimously approved.