Next meeting: Tuesday, November 6, 2018, McNail Riley House, 601 W.13th Ave. Eugene (13th & Jefferson)


Attendees: Dick Graveline, Karen Washburn, Frank Gosar Beth Johnson, Peter Alsen, Tracie Manso, Ziggy Blum,   Maria Counts, Faith Rahill,  Linda Williams,  Robin Russell, Merry Newcomer, Chris Polich, Dawn Craig.


Recorder: Maria Counts


Meeting Began at 6:30 p.m. (McNail Riley House)




Next Steps/Decisions


Move to approve the minutes as corrected (Moved, Linda Williams;   Faith Rahill; second,).


Minutes approved


Chair Reports





      Anyone who has yet to contact committees please do so, also please give invoices to Robin. 

      Lots of prizes from sponsorship!

      Dates for next year are reserved and will be October 9th - 11th, 20



      All Permits are in and ready.

      We will rent 5 square machines from OPA at $45 each and pay for a hot spot.  All transactions will run through square including cash so as to keep records of sales and customers Phone numbers. We will have one station for cash only.


REGISTRAR (Not present, submitted update)

      Registration pretty quiet past couple months.

      Had two drops and filled both spots. Have 9 still on wait list fourteen initially).


BUILDING (Not present)

      Karen will obtain building keys to set up tables and chairs at 10 am.



      Post Cards are ready and printed, will send out an email version.

      Posters will be ready in a week (passed proofs around for committee to see.)

      Will send email to group when posters are available at Georgies.

      There are still some bookmarks remaining at Georgies.









      Happy with where we are at.

      Claire working on Me T.V ADD.

      Press release to go out  next week or two.

      When posting on Instagram please use #clayfesteugene.


POSTERING (Not present)

      Annie is ready to go when posters are ready.




      Chair reports from Sandy that everything is on track.


SIGNAGE (Not present)

      All is Ok.



      All good- submitting order for show furnishings on its way.



      We are renting 5 square machines from OPA and will purchase a hot spot. We will run ALL transactions through square, including cash. This will enable us to keep records of sales as well as customers numbers/Emails.  We will have one station for cash only.




SECURITY/INFO (Not present, report from Dawn)

      Sandy reported all is good.


DEMOS (Not present)

      Needs gift certificates for Flower Ladies—and other requests.


SPONSORSHIP (Not present chair reports)

      Nancy sent reports that she received $150 cash from Kiva,  $100 certificate  from Clay Space, $25 Cornucopia, 2- $30 certificates from Pasta Plus, $70 Family Membership  from Maude Kerns Art Center, and $24 Sweet Life certificate.  Georgies donated clay for Demos and Kids Clay, $1000 worth of storage for our equipment all year, 1 $50 certificate and 2 $25 certificates.




      Should be great with new setup. Everything ready to go.

      Renting a truck for 5 days for $175.

      Getting same pipe and drape and a bigger crew to help.






      Good, would like a note ahead of time where office supplies are located.



Kid’s Clay (Not present)

      Need to put in a request for clay from Georgies with tax ID# etc.



      Finished; two new people, Bob Richardson and Johnny MacPherson.

      All info is in move- in packet.



      Have all gone out.






      Debbie sent in new sitemap.

      Never heard back from Cecile, will wait until after the show to contact her again.























































We’ll need the show p&d, PA, platforms, lectern… orders soon.




























2018 Meeting Dates



Show: Oct 11-13







7:20 PM (Moved, Frank Gosar; second, Dick Graveline)



Unanimously approved.