Clay Fest Steering Committee Meeting


May 22 2012

6:30 p.m.


Meeting called by

Karen Washburn

Type of meeting

Steering committee

Note taker

Kris Anderson


Robin Russell, Nina Ferstrom Duong, Karen Washburn, Michael Fromme, Judith Cross, Frank Gosar, Pat Brooks, Karl Smiley, Elaine Pruett, Don Clarke, Faith Rahill, Kris Anderson, Michael Baines, Sue Siwinski, Ken Standhardt, Merry Newcomer, Beth Johnson

2012 Clay Fest Steering Committee Meetings are scheduled: September 11 at 6:30 p.m.  EWEB

Show dates:  October 12 – 14, 2012

Approval of minutes

Minutes were approved with the following correction:  “Sue said there was reduction in cost this year for signage”

Change Point system

Karen Washburn presented options for discussion regarding changing the points system for Clay Fest.  

The options were:  1 – Do Nothing  2- Change the points (with numerous options)

The vote was 10 yesses for option #2.  

Volunteers to present solid options to the committee are:  Karen Washburn, Beth Johnson, Faith Rahill, and Merry Newcomer


Music was presented, and the vote was split between “the guy from last year”, and Edson.  Karen will find out if either is available for this year.


Is paid twice a year because we get a price break.  However, this doesn’t appear in any particular budget.  We will continue to look for options

Chair Reports

1.  Registrar (Don Clarke)  It was decided to have a smaller gallery and more booth spaces.  We have 57 booth spaces.

There are 67 applicants, and a total of 63 booth requests.  

Don requested that the committee get Move-In Packet changes to him ASAP

2.  Treasurer (Merry Newcomer)  Asked, does anyone have any bills that need to be paid?

3.  Graphics (Frank Goser)  1) Passed out a small flyer for images that are needed by June 30th

                2)  The bookmarks are here – take some with you!!!  3)  The post cards are 2 different sizes this year

4.  Sponsorship (Ken Standhardt) Gave a long list of sponsors and donations.  There are nice prizes for a) People’s Choice Aware, b) First place in Gallery and c) the Booth of the year

5.  Gallery – (Judith Cross)  Ken requested that the Gallery host assist the Clay in Ed Raffle (and have as a combined job).  Judith agreed.  Elaine Pruett (publicity) stated she would make a statement and talk with Ziggy to emphasize that we are doing this as a support to the public – Clay in Ed.

6.  Building – (Nina Ferstrom Duong) – The Fire Marshall is “under control”.  It will be necessary to cover the fire exit COMPLETELY.  We will make sure the measuring all works and electric boxes fall in the right place

7.  Signage (Sue Siwinski) – If anyone has any signs needed please email me including the size necessary by Aug 1, 2012

  AND, All signs and banners are currently stored at Sue’s house.

Last Meeting until September

This is the last meeting until the September meeting

Adjourn to Space Allocation

Motion to adjourn

Respectfully submitted

Kris Anderson