Clay Fest Steering Committee Meeting


March 14, 2012

6:30 p.m.


Meeting called by

Karen Washburn

Type of meeting

Steering committee

Note taker

Kris Anderson


Robin Russell, Frank Gosar, Michael Baines, Merry Newcomer, Elaine Pruett, Don Clarke, Karen Washburn, Beth Johnson, Tea Duong, Ken Standhardt, Sue Siwinski, Faith Rahill, Michael Fromme, Kris Anderson

2012 Clay Fest Steering Committee Meetings are scheduled: May 22; September 11 all at 6:30 p.m.  EWEB

Show dates:  October 12 – 14, 2012

Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved as written


Committee member # needs

Signage – Sue Siwinski, would like one from out of town

Sales – Faith Rahill would like two

Setup – Michael Baines would like 5 to set up and 5 to take down

Credit/Debit – Michael Fromme would like one

IT IS NOTED that Trainees are needed for set up chair

Booth Fees

Robin Russell presented statistics of % of income/profit from the 2011 show

Suggestions were:  1.  Based on cost of booth and fees, proposed that we not raise booth fees

2.  Proposed that we change the gallery to a group space

3.  Proposed that we change the gallery to the spaces near the Information Booth

4.  Proposed that we leave the gallery as is

5.  Proposed that we make the gallery smaller, and add 2 spaces, one ½ and one full

6.  Proposed that the Gallery made this an Art Show rather than a craft show

7. Proposed a People’s Choice award to increase interest in the Gallery


1.  It was moved by Frank and seconded by Don that we add two spaces on the end and shorten the gallery.  The motion was passed.  

2.  It was moved by Michael and seconded by Don that we not change the booth fees.  The motion was passed.  

3.  It was moved by Ken and seconded by Don that we have a “People’s Choice” Award in the Gallery.  The motion passed.  

Decreasing costs

Discussion ensued about options to decrease costs  All ideas were accepted, and the decision was made to move these items to the next agenda.

Ideas are:  1.  Proposed not to buy the mailing list.  2.  Use craigslist for advertising.  3.  Frank to order fewer postcards, 

and send more emails.  4.  Gather email address along with the votes for the people’s choice award ballots.  


It was discussed that by request for specific physical reasons, artists could request that they be 

Allowed to enter Gallery Only, and not do committee work.  

Broken Pots

Merry Newcomer 

Has researched the broken pot fund, and has determined that there should be $2,458.81 in the fund.  

Originally, there was to be $285 per show in the fund.  However, when two booths were eliminated due to the fire

Regulations, it went down to $275.  

Ken suggested that we set a prudent fund level, and leave it at that.  Making sure that those funds exist.  

Don asked if the $ actually exists in the bank, and the answer is yes.  

It was reminded that there is no broken pot reward for an “act of God”, and that there is a top amount which could be split amongst all should there be a large broken disaster.  

Agreed that there would be no decision or change today, but it would be brought up again.  

Committee Reports


Don Clarke stated the application goes out 4/13.  


Tea Duong talked about the fire codes.  We could add a space, but the work to do the application was a lot.  If anyone wants to do it, please let us know


Frank passed around two drafts of the bookmarks and asked for input


Sue talked about ideas for decrease in costs this year


Ken talked about donations:  Clay in Ed has two prizes; Skutt Kiln donated $400; Pacific Continental donated $200;  Georgies donated a $50 Gift Certificate;  Phoenix Inn is allowing a $80 a nite rate.  

There are numerous “other things” in the fire.  

Ken is to receive information from last year’s chair:  Ali Clark to get started asap on contacting possible sponsors.

Karen Washburn suggested contact Maude Kerns Art Center as new sponsor.


Elaine is working on ideas – checking with a marketing director, an ad in Clay Folk; OPA website; posted in Eugene Magazine.  More to come


Merry talked about the web site, and posting for the workshops. 

Frank will send images to Merry and Don to be added to the web site.  


The meeting was adjourned promptly at 7:30 p.m.  Next meeting:  Booth selection