_Clay Fest Steering Committee 3/12/13


Attendees: Beth Johnson, Barb Haddad, Cecile Haworth, Cheryl Weese, Dave Parry, Don Clarke, Faith Rahill, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Karl Smiley, Ken Standhardt, Kris Anderson, Maryanne Smith, Merry Newcomer, Rhoda Fleischman, Robin Russell,  Sue Siwinski

Recorder : Kris Anderson


Next Steps/Decisions

  • The minutes from the February 2013 meeting were presented.  Rhoda moved that they be accepted.  Merry seconded.  

Motion to Approve Passed

Publicity Chair

  • Cheryl Weese was presented as the new Publicity Chair.  She will be gone “walking across Spain”.  She has a timeline, and might need help to meet that guideline. 

Committee Volunteers

  • Beth suggested that everyone let her know if your needs have changed from 2012.  

Please send requests to Beth via email

Show Furnishings

  • Pipe and Drape – Faith took the time to figure out how much the pipe and drape actually cost us.  This includes the bar at the front of the booth, and whether it is a half booth or a full booth, the cost is $35.  The group agreed that the pipe and drape charge would be $35.  
  • No Booth Set up – the group discussed options for those who have no booth set up, and it was agreed that they would need to have pipe and drape at a minimum.  The idea was favorably discussed to have a mentor available for those new, so that they could have some guidance for making a booth look good, including suggestions about lighting.  This will be discussed further at another meeting.


Group Booth

Next Steps/Decisions

  • It was asked that we consider a “Memorial” booth, in honor of Gil and Sara Lynn, and all those preceding who have been in our ranks.  If this works, the booth would be in the back, at the “blind exit” area in the quarter space.  This will be a change for those who are near that area and are used to having access.  
  • It was suggested that we consider asking people to share a booth, and possibly add that as a suggestion in the application versus making an announcement.  It was reminded that up to now there was not enough interest for a Group booth.  


  • Cecile Haworth presented the changes in the application.  There are changes in wording to make it more positive.  The consensus was that the changes are really good.  Overall, it is to reinforce that Clay Fest and Local Clay are FRIENDLY places.  It also created more white space.  And created a text box for those pieces that are REQUIRED reading from each page.  
  • Deadline for sending out the application – April 5th.
  • Deadline for receiving the application back by registrar – May 3rd.    

Agreed to adopt the application changes as positive

Deadlines for sending out application – April 5

Deadline receiving – May 3

Sales Tag Committee

  • Robin suggested that Chairs sign up for a Sales Tag Shift for better understanding of the job


  • Faith suggested that people bring in CD’s that they think would work for the program overall
  • Edson is to be asked to be the music for the year


Next Steps/Decisions

  • Frank Gosar passed around a mock up for the bookmark.  He suggested that new art work is always appreciated.  


  • Ken stated he is open for great ideas from sponsors.  He is hard at work for this year.  


  • At 8:05 p.m., Frank Gosar moved to adjourn the meeting
  • Beth Johnson seconded
  • There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  

Adjourned meeting

Calendar for the Year

  • The Calendar for the Year is as follows:
  • The CLAYFEST SHOW is October 11, 12, and 13, 2013
  • Clayfest Steering Committee Meeting are:   May 21, 2013; September 10, 2013 ; October 22 , 2013
  • Application to be mailed by April 5th.
  • Application to be returned by May 3rd
  • Graphics are due June 30, 2013
  • Booth Selection is May 21, 2013