Clay Fest Steering Committee Minutes 3/1/22

Present: Annie Heron, Beth Johnson, Chris Polich, Claire Delffs, Faith Rahill, Frank Gosar, Mariah Williams, Hannah Themann, Karen Washburn, Merry Newcomer, Michael McKinney, Nina Duong, Robin Russell, Sandy Segna, Tea Duong, Ted Ernst, Laura Wikane

We had previously tabled the question of whether to have demos this year. A vote was taken, and the decision was that we will not have demos.

Booth fees will be $165 for full booths, and $100 for half booths. We will decide on which of two floorplans to use based on applicants’ requests for full booths vs requests for half booths. Both floorplans have a higher ration of full:half booths than previous layouts, to make it easier for participants to wrap pots and take payments in their booths.

Discussion of cash and credit/debit at the Info Table: 

The consensus regarding the Info Table workers' ability to take cash and credit/debit was that everyone will be doing this in their own booths, so they should be able to do it at the Info Table. We assume there will not be a large number of sales made at the Info Table, as most will be done in individual booths. There will be two people staffing the Info Table per shift. Nina will provide a phone and reader, and sales taken at the Info Table will go into Local Clay's account. 

We decided we do not need a Door Monitor. There will be no way of checking that pots have been paid for, as there will be no “paid” stickers on boxes or bags. Security Patrol will be during non-show hours, as usual, and will be assigned as committee work.

Workshifts will be: 

Info Table (which will include some taking of payments and wrapping), Greeter, and Gallery Host. Workshifts are expected to be one-hour shifts, with all workshifts covered by Steering Committee members, Gallery-Only participants, and volunteers.

The application will go out on April 11. There will be an online version that applicants can fill out and submit, and a mailed copy for those who request US Mail for Local Clay communications.

Booth Selection will be at the McNail-Riley House, at 7:15 pm on June 7. Depending on covid at the time, we can call people in to select booths when their points category comes up, or we could have things set up out on the porch, and applicants could gather outside, in front of the house.

Next meeting: Tuesday, June 7, 6:30 pm, at the McNail-Riley House, followed by Booth Selection.