Next meeting, Tuesday, June,7th 2016, McNail Riley House, 601 W. 13th Ave. Eugene (13th & Jefferson)


Attendees:  Karen Washburn, , Michael Fromme, Dave Parry, Cecile Haworth, Faith Rahill, John Siwinski, Robin Russell, Merry Newcomer, Debbie Christensen, Beth Johnson, Peter Alsen, Linda Williams, Ziggy Blum, Dan Schmitt, Maryanne Smith Tea Duong, Frank Gosar, Denise Davis, Annie Heron, Laura Jackson

Recorder : Ken Standhardt


Meeting Began at 6:30 p.m. (McNail Riley House)



Next Steps/Decisions

       The Minutes from Feb 2nd were approved. (Moved, Beth Johnson, second,Frank Gosar

       Secretary Report – none

Minutes approved



       Minor clarifications were made on work shifts and security information. The new sales line host position description was added.

       Moved a few paragraphs of information on the front page to be more cohesive.

       Removed the social security request from the application for better security. Treasurer will request when needed from new participants.


Chair reports


       (Unless noted all chairs not reporting below are good to go at this point)

       Credit/Debit We discussed going to wifi but reliability and logistics are an issue. We will be adding one more phone line to make sales transactions run quicker.

       Graphics Bookmark mock up reviewed and looks good to go ahead and print.

       Publicity we discussed different options to reach a better and wider audience the most cost effectively.

       Sales area As mentioned above we discussed using a hot spot for wireless transactions but tabled that as well as formally relocating the holding table. Adding a additional phone line as mentioned above to speed transactions.

       We will drop from two gallery hosts to one to fill the new sales line host position during peak sales shifts. Those being Friday night and the first two shifts on Saturday. Tag runner needs were tabled for future discussion.

       Security We voted to approve the suggested changes noted by the subcommittee at the Feb. meeting (see below).



                The sub-committee formed at Jan. meeting met and created an alternative plan/schedule. It reduces the number of hours the building will be patrolled by Security Committee members.  Instead of having committee workers patrol all day during set-up hours on Thursday, we will rely on greater vigilance by all participants, and especially by members of the Steering Committee, (who better understand the situation and needs than do other participants.) There will be patrols on Thursday from 7 pm -- 9 pm; on Friday








Motion made to add 35 radio spots on KRVM for a total of $333.00 and also a 2 x 6ad in the Cottage Grove Sentinel for $105.00 (includes web). (Moved Frank Gosar, second, (not sure, recorders fault, BUT was overwhelmingly voted in favor of).




Motion made to approve security changes Moved, Linda Williams, second, Frank Gosar.

2016 Meeting Dates


June 7th Booth Selection

Sept. 6th, Last meeting prior to show, Loose ends

Nov. 1st Wrap Up




       7:48 PM

Moved Linda Williams, Second, Beth Johnson