Clay Fest meeting – 2/22/22

Attendees: Amy Hess, Annie Heron, Beth Johnson, Chris Polich, Claire Delffs, Deb Christensen, Faith Rahill, Frank Gosar, Joe Geil, Karen Washburn, Merry Newcomer, Michael McKinney, Nina Duong, Robin Russell, Sandy Segna, Tea Duong, Ted Ernst, Tracie Manso, Ziggy Blum, Laura Wikane, Shelly Fredenberg

Minutes approved.

Gwen Childs sitting in as someone who might do bookkeeping.

The meeting began with a discussion of Fri/Sat/Sun show vs. Sat/Sun

Ultimately, Frank moved and Beth seconded that we do a three day show It was passed 13 - 4.

Advantages to not doing Friday night:

Advantages to three day show:

A discussion of the banner – it was tabled to no from the previous meeting, due to insurance expenses that cannot be recouped if we can’t do the show. That decision was confirmed. No banner.

We discussed the various print materials that we use for publications – posters,  postcards, bookmarks, flyers. Ultimately, it was decided to print bookmarks, but half as many. Other print materials would be as previously (this was a somewhat informal decision). 

We discussed whether to print maps – some suggested just having a big map up front. Ultimately, the consensus seemed to lean to having maps to hand out, though nothing was formally decided. 

Further discussion concerned the best way to inform our customers that we are moving to no central cashier and they will have to pay potters in their individual booths.  No conclusions were reached.

The discussion then turned to making a decision as to whether we were for sure dispensing with a central cashier. Considering the current Covid situation, it was decided to have no central cashier for this year, without necessarily making that a permanent decision for future years.

Ultimately, Tracie moved, Debbie seconded, and it was approved to approved the 2020 budget as the budget for the 2022 show.  Although some things will be less (no banner, less bookmarks, for example), there will certainly be higher charges elsewhere due to inflation. Charges for participants, and the percentages they will need to give back to the show, will need to be determined once we know how many potters sign up, and what the Events Center will be charging. 

There was some discussion regarding whether we were going to require proof of vaccination for potters – it was unanimously approved that we would require that proof be submitted with applications.

There was discussion of how we would provide credit/debit and cash services at the Info booth, for gallery sales and whatever else might arise. Nina wants to know if we need to get a visa machine from OPA. Karen wants to know if Tea and Nina still get 2 points. I think it was decided that points would stay the same for this year, but that was another informal decision.

Moved and seconded that we adjourn

submitted by Annie Heron