Next meeting: Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 6:30 pm McNail-Riley House, 601 W.13th Ave. Eugene (13th & Jefferson)


Attendees:   Karen Washburn, Hal Mathew, Frank Gosar, Claire Delffs, Ziggy Blum, Faith Rahill, Linda  Williams, Laura Jackson, Chris Polich, Dawn Craig, Maria Counts, Robin Russell


Recorder: Maria Counts


Meeting Began at 6:30  p.m. (McNail Riley House)



Next Steps/Decisions

The Minutes were approved (Moved, Frank Gosar; Second, Faith Rahill).



Minutes approved

Clean up wording of policies




        Moved to approve revision of policies

         Revisions were approved ( Moved, Faith Rahill; Second Linda Williams)



Housekeeping Issues


        Call for photos for Bookmarks.


        Pay Dues




        Proposed change to show layout-restore booth next to kids clay



        Discussed why we have a gallery instead of more booths.








        Briefly discussed having booth selection at 6:30  before

June meeting.














Request for additional 60 Posters,  25 more handouts and 5000 Bookmarks

        Need four new Square Credit/Debit machines, Hot Spot

        printer and terminals.


Budget for Clay Fest 2019 Proposed    





    2019 Meeting Dates



March 5, Application Meeting

June 4, Move-in Packet and Booth Selection Meeting

September 3, Last Meeting before the show

November 4, Wrap up Meeting


Show: Oct 11-13, 2019






7:35 PM     (Moved,  Frank  Gosar second, Linda Williams) Unanimously Approved.



Unanimously approved.




Revision Approved




All artists who have points are welcome to send high resolution, quality photos  to be featured on the bookmark. Email photos to


Booth approved (moved

Frank Gosar; second, Linda Williams)


Draw of Gallery is more valuable, allows artists not in the show to participate creating more work shifts. Sets us apart from other shows.



No decision made.


















Approved (Moved, Faith Rahill; Second, Linda Williams)