Next meeting: Tuesday, Feburary 5, 2019, 6:30 pm McNail Riley House, 601 W.13th Ave. Eugene (13th & Jefferson)


Attendees:  Dick Graveline, Karen Washburn, Frank Gosar, Beth Johnson, Sandy Segna, Annie Heron, Peter Alsen, Debbie Christensen, Robin Russell, Sandy Brown, Faith Rahill, Ted Ernst, Chris Polich, Dawn Craig, Nicole Hummel, Maria Counts.


Recorder: Maria Counts


Meeting Began at 6:45  p.m. (Market of Choice)



Next Steps/Decisions

The Minutes  from November 6, 2018 were approved (Moved, Frank Gosar; Second, Beth Johnson).


Minutes approved

Introduce trainees and 7 new chairs




Š        Building- Chris Polich

Š         Security/info- Dawn Craig

Š        Workshifts- Nicole Hummel


Housekeeping Issues

Š        Clean up confusing wording in policies.


Thoughts for changes to the show

Š        Bring a full booth back near the kids’ clay



Š        Phone lines will not be available next year







Š        Possible Lounge and snacks for customers/Artists





Chair titles up for discussion


Š        “Cash Treasurer” or “Cash” Chair

Š        “Mailing List”, “Bulk Mailing” or “Mailing” Chair”




Sponsorship and Raffle

Š        Should we keep Sponsorship and Raffle together? Deb said customers really appreciated getting art from the artists.

Š        Is Georgies and Skutt cash enough for Gallery awards and is it appropriate to use those donations to give back to Potters? Consensus-



       Wrap up notes:

Š        Member fees are due.




2019 Meeting Dates



Feburary 5, Budget Meeting

March 5, Application Meeting

June 4, Move-in Packet and Booth Selection Meeting

September 3, Last Meeting before the show

November 4, Wrap up Meeting


Show: Oct 11-13, 2019






7:45 PM     (Moved,  second, Dick Graveline) Unanimously Approved.



Unanimously approved.




Welcome new Trainees and Chairs!



Frank, Beth and Karen will work on this.


Table this decision until we can include Bonnie Stambaugh in this decision.


Need to invest in new machines and a hot spot. Add one more visa terminal. Linda Heisserman is knowledgeable regarding this.


Unanimously not approved, customers can lounge at demo area. We may not serve customers food, by LEC policies


We will use  “Cash” Chair & “Mailing List”








Sponsorship will be separate from Raffle.

 Raffle, if any, will be ceramic donations from Artists only.