CLAY FEST STEERING COMMITTEE MINUTES (policy meeting) – January 6th, 2015



       Next meeting (budget), Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 McNail Riley House, 601 W. 13th Ave. Eugene (13th & Jefferson)


Attendees: Cecile Haworth, , Faith Rahill, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Ken Standhardt, Linda Williams, , Merry Newcomer, Tea Duong, Robin Russell, Dave Parry, John Siwinski, Ziggy Blum, Peter Alsen, , Michael Fromme, Jon King, Debbie Christensen, Roxanne Hunnicutt, Denise Davis, Cheryl Weese, Kris Anderson, Annie Heron, Laura Jackson

Recorder: Ken Standhardt


Meeting Began at 6:30 p.m. (McNail Riley House)



Next Steps/Decisions

       The Minutes from Oct.21st 2014 were approved as sent. (Moved Frank Gosar, second, Kris Anderson)

       Secretary Report – none

Minutes approved



       Reminder to chairs to update their job descriptions on the Clay Fest website.


Broken Pots


       Discussion as to whom and how many people need to be present to make a decision when an accident happens and a artists request reimbursement.

Motion made that the Treasurer, Show Chair, and Sales Tag Chair will make the decision.together. (Moved, Linda Williams, second, Annie Heron

Gallery Only


       The group as a whole wants to encourage more artists to participate in the gallery and viewing such as an incubator for future full participants in the show. Decision approved (informally at this point) to drop committee work for Gallery Only participants as well as lowering their commission from 30% to 16% (the same as other non chair participants).

Verbal approval by chairs, no motion at this time. Finalize this decision at the next meeting when the application is discussed.

Attendance Credit


       Discussion to include the Wrap Up meeting as counting as one of the required minimum meetings (2) show chairs must attend. This in consideration that a few chairs travel a great distance to attend.

Motion made to include attendance of the Wrap Up meeting as counting towards the minimum requirement. (Moved, Linda Williams, second, Annie Heron



       All meetings held at the McNail Riley House, 601 W. 13th Ave. Eugene (13th & Jefferson) at 6:30 PM


       February 3r -Budget meeting. First pass at Application, including "calendar" and proposed changes, as time allows.


       March 3rd -Finalize Application. Get chairs' input on final changes to application and to other changes for


       this year's show that need to be finalized now. Chairs confirm their needs for workers for their committees.


       June 2nd -Reports from all chairs, especially Registrar, Sponsorship, Publicity, Graphics, Info Packs, Work shifts, Clay in Ed, Building. BOOTH SELECTION meeting follows.

       September 2nd- Reports from all chairs, especially Mailing, Postering, Graphics, Signage, Building, Credit/Debit, Security/Info, Gallery Set-Up. This is the last meeting before the show.

       November 3rd –Wrap up meeting. Reports from Treasurer (show financials and attendance).


       Note problems with this year's show and suggest changes or improvements for next year. Potential


       Trainees attend part or all of this meeting, to finalize approval of their qualifications as trainees for next year.




Booth Fee


       A handful of show participant have difficulty paying the whole booth fee in one sum. Option of breaking it into three payments but keeping a Aug. 1st payment in full deadline.

Tabled until Feb. 3rd meeting



       Discussed a variety of options but decided to keep things as they are.




       Discussed where people heard about us and still agreed to drop the Bijou and the KWAX radio ad as well. Other options include larger ads in the RG, branching out to other areas in print, and doing a booster post via Facebook.

No formal motions, more brainstorming at future meetings.



       7:40PM (moved, Frank Gosar, second Robin Russell)