CLAY FEST STEERING COMMITTEE MINUTES (Policy) – January 3rd 2017 6;30 PM


       Next meeting, ( Budget/Application, first draft) Tuesday, February 7th, 6:30 PM 201517 McNail Riley House, 601 W. 13th Ave. Eugene (13th & Jefferson)


Attendees; Cecile Haworth, Faith Rahill, Karen Washburn, Ken Standhardt, Robin Russell, John Siwinski,  Peter Alsen, Dick Graveline, Beth Johnson, Bonnie Stambaugh, Dan Schmitt, Ziggy Blum, Sandy Brown, Laura Jackson

Trainees; Debbie Christensen

Recorder; Ken Standhardt


Meeting Began at 6:30 p.m



Next Steps/Decisions

       The Minutes from October 2016 were moved to be approved as sent. (moved, Beth Johnson, second, Robin Russell)

       Secretary Report – none

Minutes approved

Clay Fest 2017 show dates


       October 6th, 7th and 8th  (JOIN LOCAL CLAY NOW!)


Treasurer Report


       All issues have been resolved (small) post 2016 show and have a healthy balance moving forward.


Committee Issues


       Clay in Ed;

        Briefly discussed if this position is still needed and what Clay Fest might want to do to for the broader community.


        Discussed if it was needed to break the Publicity Chairs job into two since

       it seems like a very big time commitment for one person.



Bulk Mailing;

Finding that spam filters are a problem getting our E postcard delivered.





                Looking for a person to embrace this chair position with enthusiasm.


                Gallery Only drop outs;

                Too many participants are dropping at the last minute.



                Sales Area;

                Sync the adding machines ( a zero's issue) and the Visa machines for     



                Discussed the possibility of trying the Square sales system to create a pop

                for busy time


                Scavenger Hunt;

                We discussed the pros and cons of a fun activity for our customers as a way         

                to engage them.

Decided to ask for input at the next Local Clay meeting this month.


Chair will keep continue as is and report back as to how much time it does take and how it might be divided.

Chair will look into Mailchimp and Constant Contact as a way to address problem.


Karen is in contact with a few interested persons.


At the next meeting, we can decide on how to tighten the refund policy.





Tabled but will discuss later again.



Tabled the idea due to complexity involved.

2017 Meeting Dates


       Tuesday Feb. 7th

       Tues. March 7th

       Tues, June 6th

       Tue. Sept.5th

       Tue. Nov.7th

       All meetings will be held at the McNail Riley House, 601 W 13th Ave. Eugene 6:30 PM




       7:43 PM Moved, Debbie Christensen, second, Beth Johnson