ClayFest September 21, 2010

Attendance:  Michael Fromme, Avi Harriman, Karen Washburn, Elaine Pruett, Merry Newcomer, Robin Russell, Patricia Brooks, Judith Cross, Barb Haddad, Holly Dubrasich, Linda Shaver, Faith Rahill, Susie Young, Tracie Manso, Katie Swenson, Linda Williams, Leslie Friedman

Barb, P&D

The map is finished.  Barb will get a large copy printed and send a pdf copy to the new company.  Avi has great confident in the company.  A big plus is that they’ll be in the next building through the duration of the show.

Judith, Gallery

She’ll bring stepladder, corded drill, extension chords, etc.  She has three people assigned to check-in and four for setup.  She doesn't have enough people signed up for either function.  Bldg Set-up committee will take care of part of it.

Robin, Sales Tag 

Frank designed a spreadsheet for the numbers.  All the percentages, etc. will be in real time. The counting will be very easy.  She's very excited!

Merry, Website 

The website is mostly up to date with only one more area to look in.  Avi will help her get to that area. Send photos or other info you’d like to add to the website to

Faith, sales  

Everything's fine.  She has contacted committee people and gotten supplies.

Holly, mailing

Postcards are ready to put in mail tomorrow.  Postage 1776.97 + service charge.  

Linda S, Signage

We have two new sandwich signs and skins with red arrows, another skin on county sign, plus the sign with unusual shape.  Banner will go up on time.  Booth signs are finished except for pasting.  Apologize for miscommunication with the signs.  

Katie, Posters

All were picked up by committee.  Committee doesn't always update list when stores go out of business or new businesses open.  She’ll schedule an in-person committee meeting after ClayFest to set up accountability for postering committee members.   Postcards work better than posters when there's not room on the window.  Frank will schedule next year’s postcards to be ready earlier.

Linda W, security

Showed new aprons with pockets.  We now have 12 new aprons! Old ones will be used at Kids Clay

Michael, Visa

Visa machines have been ordered.  Avi will have phone lines set up

Tracie, Work Shifts 

One drop was gallery only.  Needs replacement for his jobs.  Pat Brooks is replacing someone signed up for two Visa shifts.  Karen will do Visa and Pat will do wrapping. Michael will do the last Saturday Visa shift

Elaine and Susie, Publicity

Announcements in Via magazine and Ceramics Monthly.  Five RG ads will run through the show.  Great price --$350 less than last year.  Two ads in Eugene Weekly.  Listed in What's Happening.  Ads on KLCC. KRVM may do a PSA.  Also listed in Food for Lane County Empty Bowls Auction booklet.

Frank, Graphics 

posters are out and look beautiful.  Ads are set up.  Some bookmarks still available at Clay Space.  Postcards will be at Georgies on Thursday.

Frank, Treasurer 

Please everyone use paperwork for reimbursements.  New requirements from bank for visa machines.  Avi will meet with Frank for Insurance payment.

Karen, Registrar 

Everything is progressing smoothly  

Avi, Chair  

Be sure to come to the mandatory meeting at Noon on Friday before ClayFest begins.  We’ll discuss last minute issues or announcements. Lunch will be provided.  Leftovers, snacks and drinks will set up in new lounge behind the curtain near booth 13.  We’ll have hot water if the fire marshal says it's ok.  Avi will bring a small refrigerator.  Chris Borg had proposed being our fire extinguisher guy, but we haven't heard if he was certified.

Alyssa, Donations

gifts from Georgies and Skutt, clay for Rhoda.   Geffen grip for product, pacific continental donation.

Ken Standhardt, Kids Clay

This is his last year for kid's clay.  He needs a replacement chair.

Avi may move to Portland next year.  This will be his last year as chair.  Will still do ClayFest.

Merry asked about webmaster points.  She’ll accrue two points for Webmaster duties for both Local Clay and ClayFest.  Should have full points for 2010.

Mark your calendar for the wrap-up meeting – Tuesday 10/19.  6:30 Georgies.