ClayFest meeting, May 18, 2010

In attendance:  Avi Harriman, Katie Swenson, Susan Fishel, Merry Newcomer, Susie Young, Ted Ernst, Holly Dubrasich, Barb Haddad, Linda Shaver, Tea Duong, Ziggy Blum, Dan Minard, Pat Brooks, Judith Cross, James Laub, Linda Williams, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Tracie Manso, Jeani Holder, Michael Baines, Sam  Roderick, Leslie Friedman

Treasurer’s Report: $22 expenses.  No receivables until after booth selection.

Bookkeeping – no issues

Building – fire inspection will be discussed later

Cash - no issues to discuss

Chair – Chris Borg is a volunteer Firefighter in Pleasant Hill but not a certified fire inspector.  He’s investigating whether or not the Eugene Fire Marshall will let him be our inspector.  The issue of giving Chris a point is tabled until we have more info.

Debit/Credit Card – none

Demonstrations – none

Gallery – Judith, the new chair, has a general idea of her responsibilities from looking at the box of info.  Avi will try to get a printer from Bi-Mart.

Graphics – Frank will send the bookmark to the printer later this week.  If we print them earlier next year, we can give bookmarks out at Showcase.  That means sending images to Frank earlier next year, or he can repeat this year’s images.  He’ll print an additional 1000 bookmarks next year.

Kids Clay - no issues

Mailing – going well.  The printing company is providing the postcard mailing service.

Pipe and Drape – should we use group fire extinguishers every 50 feet?  Advantage: won’t need individual fire extinguishers.  Will we need to rent stands? How will this set-up affect the aesthetics of our show?  Avi will research this issue and email photos to us.  We’ll vote by email.  Many people have fire extinguishers anyway for Saturday Market and other shows.  It may be easier to have everyone bring one.  A straw poll, based on this light information, showed that everyone wants to bring their own.  Issue is tabled until next year.

Set-Up – we typically borrow 80-90 baskets from Showcase every year.  Showcase was missing baskets this year.  We can buy baskets from U-Line or Staples at $3-4 each, or buy locally from a company like Grainger.  We have cash reserves and storage space to cover them.  We want metal handles on the baskets.  Merry moved and Linda W. seconded that we purchase 100 baskets for ClayFest with a budget of approximately $400.  We can buy 100 blue baskets and borrow 100 red baskets from Showcase.  Motion passed.

Postering - no issues

Publicity - no issues

Registrar - no issues

Sales - no issues

Security – fine

Signage – The price for additional 2’x3’ sandwich boards will be $125.  We can use laminated digital printouts from Office Max.  Plastic frames for three will cost $95.  Linda S. will try to make skins for the sandwich boards within her $300 budget.  We’ll buy some for this year and more for next year, if needed.

Sponsorships - no issues

WebMaster – fell through.  We still need a WebMaster.  If he doesn’t find one within a week, Avi will take over.  The work can be done on a Mac.  Merry may be interested.

Work Shifts - no issues

New Business:

Traditionally at Showcase, the Chair does not take an official work shift because they’re essentially on work shift through the entire show.  Last year, even while on a work shift, Avi had to solve other problems.  Karen moved and Merry seconded that the Chair is excluded from work shifts during the show.  Motion passed.

Gala music/photo – Traci will reserve the date with the musicians and Avi will authorize payment.  

Next meeting – Tuesday September 14, 6:30 at Georgies.