Clay Fest  Minutes, May 2011

Attendance:  Michael Fromme, Judith Cross, Pat Brooks, Don Clarke, Karen Washburn, Frank Gosar, Jeanni Holder, Michael Baines, Linda Williams, Elaine Pruett, Merry Newcomer, Faith Rahill, Susie Young, Robin Russell, Katie Swenson, Barb Haddad, Tracie Manso, Dan Minard, Leslie Friedman

Don Clarke moved and Michael Fromme seconded to approve the minutes.

Treasurer – checks for P&D and the sound system.  Renewed the PO box, pd taxes.  Frank passed out reimbursement forms.

Chair Reports

Registrar:  61 applications.  The move-in packet draft has gone out twice.  Don will be out of town for a few weeks before the show through the course of the show.  Karen will handle any last minute changes

Michael Baines– everything is set up.  Linda Williams is his trainee

Web Master – fine

Music:  we listened to a CD by Kenji Ota, a U of O music student.  He plays quiet mellow jazz with a Latin flavor.  Everyone liked his instrumentals best.

Pipe and Drape:  on target

Posters – on target.  trainee may be late.

Graphics: bookmarks are printed.  Postcards will be printed at the beginning of August. Please send pictures to Frank for the postcards.

Publicity:  Going well.  Online calendars  will do a slide show at the Bijou.  Elaine will give Frank the specifications.  Send Elaine and Susie new leads for publicity if you have one.

Mailing: met with Holly and Frank and is on track.

Faith:  Regarding paper rolls to cushion pottery in the baskets.  Keep pile of ¼ sheets at info booth.  Linda and Faith will coordinate with the paper.

Visa: Karen will order the phone line

Workshift: has trainee.  Don will send Tracie the forms tomorrow.

Meeting adjourned.  Booth selection commences.