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ClayFest Minutes  March 25, 2010

Attendance: Judith Cross, Linda Shaver, Karen Washburn, Frank Gosar, Holly Dubrasich, Rhoda Fleischman, Barb Haddad, Merry Newcomer, Elaine Pruett, Susie Young, Avi Harriman, Faith Rahill, Linda Williams, Leslie Friedman

Registrar: Karen passed out a draft of the application mailing for changes

Signage: top choices for sign colors were gray or white backgrounds. Linda Shaver passed out eight samples for us to rate by preference.  Re: sandwich boards, Linda will purchase plastic to attach to the sandwich boards.  Some of the current sandwich boards are owned by the fairgrounds and one is owned by us.  In addition, Linda should check prices and purchase a few more plastic sandwich boards.  In the past we've put up our own banner.  Now the county is putting it up, and we need to proactively insist precisely where it should be hung.  Avi and Barb met with the new pipe and drape people.  They have hooks to use to hang our booth signs.  Linda will attach string, yarn or fishing line to attach to their hooks.  We can determine length of string for our individual booths.  The P&D company was emphatic that we don't tape, pin or otherwise attach anything to their drapes. They'll charge $70/panel for damage fee.  They will provide as many hooks as we need for our booths.

Demo:  the flower ladies are happy to come on Friday 2-4. Most demonstrators didn't use the microphone.

Mandatory meeting will be held at noon Friday.  Lunch will be provided.  

The new Pipe and Drape company will be setting up on Wednesday.  Avi, Barb and Tea will discuss set-up times.  Maybe Tea will be taping on Wednesday morning so P&D will set up in the pm.  P&D charges us a fixed price, regardless of how many booths have or don't have pipe and drape.  We also use P&D in the common area, which is charged from the building budget.  Last year we used less P&D than we paid for.  Last year the sound was included in the price.  This year we'll have separate invoices for P&D and sound. We should come up with an accurate fee after the show.  Our primary goal this year was to change companies without increasing the price.  We will come in lower on overall costs.  We expect to be satisfied with the new company.

Registrar:  most changes to application are on first page which was rearranged for clarity. This version is already on the website.  A revised version will go up as soon as it's ready.

WebMaster:   Avi is still the temporary WebMaster.  There are several possible candidates to take over the job. Tim is still willing to train the permanent WebMaster.

Holly:  We have two possibilities for a new postcard mailing service.  One is local and one is in Salem. Both charge less than our budget. Holly and Frank will determine the best one to use.


Publicity:  We'll distribute our bookmarks, brochures, etc on a table at the KLCC garden show on June 27.  We’ll share the booth with a garden artist.

Gallery:  Judith Cross is the new Gallery Chair.  Melinda King might be the co-chair.  We have a new computer for the Gallery, used the rest of the year by the secretary of Local Clay and ClayFest.

GRAPHICS – Because bookmarks need to be ready early for the KLCC garden show, Frank will need photos early.  Small images are best. He already has two photos.

Sales is doing fine.

Sounds like everything is coming together.  

Booth selection meeting – May 18.  Meeting at 6:30, booth selection at 7:30.


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