Clay Fest Minutes

March 15, 2011


Attendance:  Barb Haddad, Judith Cross, Pat Brooks, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Leslie Friedman, Susie Young, Faith Rahill, Jeanni Holder, Don Clarke, Sue Siwinski, Michael Baines, Merry Newcomer, Elise Corin, Dan Minard, Linda Williams, Tracie Manso


Old Business

The  new Clay Fest application is finished

Graphics - doesn’t need committee members.  Currently working on the bookmark will be larger this year - 8x2”.  Pat will forward images to Frank for bookmark.

Gallery needs seven committee members for three different shifts.  Judith wants the ballots and gallery reminders included in the set-up packet.  She’d also like gallery host badges.  Linda will give her Clay Fest aprons with pockets.  Frank will help Judith make up a spreadsheet to tally the votes.

Kids Clay – Karen will let Elise know how many members Ken had for past shows.

Dan Minard – needs one committee member

Mailing – won’t need committee member

Pipe and drape - won’t need committee member.  Will receive an invoice soon, when sound system estimate is ready.

Publicity – won’t need committee member

Registrar - won’t need committee member.  Needs to know final list of which booths will be eliminated.  Booth 12 will definitely be eliminated and booth 15 will become a full booth.

Sales – needs two committee members

Secretary - won’t need committee member

Setup – needs 5 committee members for setup and 5 committee members for tear down.  Would like same members as last year.  Wants 60 more baskets.  Won’t need a basket stand.

Signage – city banner permit has been paid.

Treasurer/Bookkeeper – no committee members. 

Webmaster - won’t need committee member.

Work shifts – has trainee.  No committee.


New Business

To prevent breakage in customer baskets, we’ll provide wrapping paper.  Faith will buy an extra ream of paper.

Entertainment – must be background music with low volume so it won’t interfere with customers’ desire to buy pottery. Edson is good.  Chip Cohen has a livelier selection.  Budget is $315 for 3 hours.  We’ll listen to a selection of Chip’s music at next meeting.

Pre-show meeting with pizza unless anyone has a different lunch choice.

Security – extra new aprons are available for Gallery and all the old aprons will be give to Kid’s Clay.

Frank moves to adjourn, Linda seconds.


Next meeting – May 17 booth selection