ClayFest Budget Meeting, 2/23/2010

In Attendance: Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Merry Newcomer, Susie Young, Robin Russell, Dan Minard, Barb Haddad, Elaine Pruett, Holly Dubrasich, Tea Duong, Leslie Friedman

.         The beginning cash figure is slightly high.  A 2009 bill for $15

came in late.

.         The booth fee and layout will be the same as last year.

.         The Chair budget will include food for the Friday afternoon lunch


.         The Gallery budget will include funds for a new printer this year.

.         Holly said that the RG no longer does bulk mail.  She'll check

prices with online services.

.         Pipe and Drape last year was $2949.  This year's estimate is $2275

including sound.  Barb will confirm that they'll provide wired and wireless sound systems.

.         Security will buy new aprons

.         Signage: Regarding the sandwich boards (owned by the Fairgrounds)

we should attach removable plastic signs with professional lettering onto the sandwich board.

.         Instead of hiring a photographer, we'll take pictures with our own

digital cameras and post the photos on our ClayFest web album on gmail.

.         The ClayFest 2010 applications will be due on May 7.

2010 Budget


Beginning Cash 15758.07

Booth Fees 7120.00

Pipe & Drape 1925.00

Sponsorship 0.00

Total Assets: 24,803.07



Bookkeeper (comm.) 25.00

Building (w/storage) 2000.00

Cash 0.00

Chair 3000.00

Credit/Debit Cards 25.00

Demonstrations 125.00

Gallery 100.00

Graphics/Poster 1400.00

Kids Clay 0.00

Mailing 2500.00

Pipe and Drape 3000.00

Postering 20.00

Publicity 3800.00

Registrar 100.00

Sales 210.00

Secretary 0.00

Security/Info 150.00

Set-Up (w/P+D) 300.00

Signage 800.00

Sponsorships 50.00

Treasurer (+ Bookkeeper) 525.00

Webmaster 150.00

Workshifts 0.00

Gala music/photo 350.00


Transfer to Local Clay 700.00

Broken Pots 285.00

Bank Fees 1200.00

Taxes 250.00

Accountant 275.00

Prepay Insurance 300.00

Total Liabilities 21,640.00


Frank moved that we approve the budget. Elaine seconded.

The next ClayFest meeting will be Thursday March 25, 6:30 at Georgies