Clay Fest Minutes

Feb 1, 2011


Attendance:  Leslie Friedman, Avi Harriman, John Siwinski, Susan Siwinski, Merry Newcomer, Faith Rahill, Barb Haddad, Tea Duong, Don Clarke, Linda Williams, Tracie Manso, Karen Washburn, Frank Gosar, Robin Russell, Elaine Pruett, Pat Brooks, Judith Cross, Katie Swenson, Elise Corin, Michael Fromme


Don Clarke moved and Elaine Pruett seconded that we accept the policies as amended and emailed by Karen.  Motion passed.



Building                   2100

Cash                           0

Chair                      3300

Credit/debit cards     100

Demonstrations           75

Gallery                       70

Graphics/Poster        1300

Kids Clay                    35

Mailing                    2500

Pipe and Drape         2500  

Postering                   20

Publicity                  3800

Registrar                    45

Sales                        200

Secretary                    15

Security/info             175

Set-up                      715

Signage                    500

Sponsorships               10

Treasurer                   525

(+ Bookkeeper)


Webmaster                  60

Work shifts                  0

Gala (music/photo)   315



Transfer to Local Clay         500    



Frank moves and Pat seconds that we donate $500 to Local Clay.


Linda will buy a first aid kit for the info desk.


Frank moves and Faith seconds that we approve the budget.


Application changes - Judith changed times for gallery setup committee.


Eliminate Booth 12 as a booth and change it to a 7x7 gallery storage space.  Make booth 15 a full booth to retain the revenue.


Faith moves and Frank seconds that we recombine pipe and drape with setup.  Motion passes.  Linda will be trainee for setup/p&d. 


Merry asked that every chair find their job descriptions on the website.  Send  corrections to her.


Frank wants publicity photos for the bookmarks. Resolution 256-300 dots per inch.


Next meeting March 1 at Georgies.  Bring ideas for music. 


Frank moves to adjourn, Elaine seconds.