ClayFest Meeting - January 26, 2010

In Attendance:  Karen Washburn, Frank Gosar, Linda J Williams, Barb Haddad, Merry Newcomer, Pat Brooks, Susie Young, Ken Standhardt, Michael Fromme, Dan Minard, Avi Harriman, Faith Rahill, Katie Swenson, Tracie Manso, Leslie Friedman

In today's meeting, we'll go over the recommendations and discussions from the wrap-up meeting.

Treasurer's Report - total sales for ClayFest were $77,044.81.  Two more bills were paid to bring the Net Profit to $1200.  The Alert Electric bill was not given to Frank.  When he tracked down the amount due, we were charged a 1.5% late fee.  Committee chairs, please forward your bills to Frank in a timely manner.

          There has been a concern expressed regarding the amount of money sitting in the bank account.  We spend money throughout the year for deposits and other expenses.  There is a difference between the P&L statement and net profit.  Frank will look into getting an interest-bearing account.  The most important factor is keeping the money liquid so he can pay expenses as they come up throughout the year.

          Frank moved that we contribute $800 to Local Clay.  Dan Minard seconded.  ClayFest is a subset of Local Clay.  If one entity needs more money, we can move it back.

Recommendations for ClayFest 2010:

We need a Gallery chair and a WebMaster.  Avi has asked Paula to take over the Galley Chair.  She hasn't responded.  Based on Paula's two recommendations from the last meeting, [(a) 3 items displayed in the gallery

With 2 work shifts or (b) a group booth might be a good idea for people with

more than 3 items but too few to fill a half booth],  we agreed that (a) the Gallery Chair already has the discretion to add more pieces and (b), OPA's Group Booth is really a remedy for a long waiting list, which we don't have.

Neither suggestion has enough support to implement.

Work Shifts:  Rather than asking for people you do want on your committee, let Tracie know who's not suitable for the task.

Graphics:  Frank will print more bookmarks earlier in the year, which means that he needs photos earlier for both bookmarks and postcards.  He also needs artist photos and bios for ads.  At the last meeting, Avi had offered to print large copies of bios/ads for people's booths.  That may not be practical, given that Frank would need to resize everything.  Faith recommended that everyone provide their own bios and graphics for their booths.

Info Table:   We'll need to make more table tents directing customers to pay

at Central Sales.  Other table tents say that we accept MasterCard and Visa, and The Potter is working at ____ Workshift, if customers have a question for the potter.  Avi encourages all of us to use the table tents next year.

Signage:  If a chair needs to drop out of the show, they should hand over the responsibility to someone who is knowledgeable to take it on.

          Frank  and Karen made a mail merge file with the  ClayFest logo for signs, name tags, etc.  Several people were disappointed with the color of the signs.  Linda should bring color samples to the next meeting so we can choose a color.  The original signs were a rose color.

          There were problems with the placement  of the big banner.  We need better communication  with the Fairgrounds  regarding our specific ideas of where to hang them.  In addition to the big banner, Michael said that there

should be a pair of signs for the garden area facing the Home Show.  It's very important that these signs direct people as they leave the Home Show.

Last year they were hung in the wrong spot.  The Fairgrounds needs to understand where to place them.  The banner on West 11th was put up incorrectly.  Linda might need to walk the site with the Fairgrounds people to show them exactly where to place each sign.  The new management at the Fairgrounds seems to be open to us.

          Avi picked up signs after ClayFest and returned them to lock-up.

Robin and Rhoda probably still have some signs and miscellaneous stuff.

Linda was persistent with Avi to take care of the deadline for the downtown banner.  That's been completed.

Publicity :  The mayor gave us a paper signifying the declaration of October as Clay Month.  Frank has the paper, which we can hang at ClayFest.  The Register Guard sent bills to Dan Schmidt's address.  Linda Williams suggested that bills be sent to the PO Box instead of the chair's personal address.  This may not be practical because other necessary info may not get to the chairs in a timely manner.  The solution is for the chairs to forward bills to Frank ASAP.

Website:  Although he wants to be replaced, Tim Sheehan renewed the domain names for 2010.  The ClayFest Website still has the 2009 dates and times.

We need a new WebMaster.  Tim revised the website and converted the technical layout from HTML to PHP.  Don Clarke, the previous WebMaster doesn't know PHP and can't take over the job.  We need to mass email the ClayFest participants to find a PHP-knowledgeable WebMaster.  We'll contact Tim to see if he's willing to remain WebMaster temporarily, or maybe continue if we pay him, just as we currently pay the bookkeeper.  Another alternative is that he trains Susie Young to make correction using PHP, and ClayFest will buy software for her, if necessary.  Leslie will call Tim to discuss these matters. Avi will follow-up with Tim, based on Leslie's preliminary discussion.

Demo:  Avi will give Frank the photographer's disk from ClayFest 2009.

Karen says the photographer was hard to deal with and not many people used him.  Other people were not impressed with his photos.  Katie knows of a photographer  who specializes in pottery.  John Meyers, our photographer from a few years ago was good.  Ken suggested that we bring digital cameras to ClayFest and take our own pictures instead of hiring an official photographer.  Avi reminded us that ClayFest has a web album on gmail.

He'll send out the link and we can upload our own photos.  We'll discuss the photographer issue again at the next meeting.

Registrar:  Karen will tweak the application.  She'll remove the question about a light bar.  Everyone will get one and can choose to use it or not.

Booth selection will be held at Georgies on May 18 at 7:30 pm following the ClayFest meeting.

          Karen bought food for last year's meeting but is not necessarily responsible for Hospitality.  The slot is open for anyone else who'd like to take it on.

Building:  This is an extremely confusing job.  Avi will be on the committee this year to help keep it smooth.  When taping the floor last year, the measurements started at the wrong spot.  The Chair should get to the site early and do the preliminary work first.  Mary left very good notes and diagrams, but they only go so far.  This job requires a chair with a methodical rather than artistic bent.  This year we have a better idea of what errors might occur.  Each measurement should be double-checked.  With the same people on the committee, they can foresee problems before they happen.

Charge and Debit:  Michael had attributed last year's major mistake to the wrong person.  She now knows the correct name and will make sure that Tracie doesn't give that person this work shift.

Kids Clay:  Last year was very easy.  Lots of people were back from previous years.  The only problem was that the lighting was positioned in people's eyes.  The pole placement will be re-designed for this year.

Set-Up:  Tracie will work with Michael to make sure that people on this committee are physically strong enough to handle the task.  Like all chairs, Michael should call the people on his team in advance to confirm that they can do the job.  All committee chairs are responsible to contact people and ask if they foresee any problems doing the job, and then call Tracie if a person is inappropriate this year.

Pipe and Drape:  Hopefully the problems will be ironed out this year with the new company.  Barb needs to contact them for a contract.  She can sign for it.  If they need a deposit, send the bill to Frank.  Their prices are similar to the old company's prices, and they have a better reputation.  Dan has dealt with this company in the past and reports that they're good.  They will provide the sound system as well as pipe and drape.  Last year Barb didn't have a committee.  If the company actually sets up the P&D, she won't need a committee this year, either.

Posters:  Everything ran smoothly last year.  Katie will make one change by giving people a quadrant to walk in advance.  She'd like the same people as before who already know the procedure.  Tracie can't promise anyone the exact same team because sometimes there are different people in the show.

Cash Sales:  A Well-oiled machine!

The next ClayFest meeting will be February 23, 6:30 at Georgies.   Come

prepared to discuss the budget!