ClayFest Minutes

January 18, 2011


Attendance: Leslie Friedman, Pat Brooks, John Siwinski, Susan Siwinski, Elise Corin, Frank Gosar, Susie Young, Elaine Pruett, Faith Rahill, Katie Swenson, Merry, Newcomer, Don Clarke, Susan Fishel, Michael Fromme, Karen Washburn, Linda Williams, Avi Harriman, T Duong, Nina Fernstrom, Duong, Barb Haddad

Treasurer’s Report Beginning cash – $13,848.08 (1900 less than last year).  Doesn’t expect problems based on pipe & drape money.

Profit from 2010 show about 2k more than 2009 show.  The budget will be set at February meeting.  Email Frank if you need an itemized list of your expenditures from last year.


Local Clay budget meeting is January 26.  ClayFest traditionally donates a portion of the proceeds from the show to Local Clay.

Meeting: Tues February 1 6:30 at Georgies

Meeting: March 1 6:30 at Georgies

CF Applications due 5/6. 

CF Application postmark May 7

Meeting: May 17 (meeting 6:30, booth selection at 7:30)

Meeting: September 13

ClayFest show: October 7, 8, 9

Wrap-up meeting, October 18


Bookkeeping – area needs to be moved over one foot.    Frank suggests that booth 12 become the gallery holding area.  Do we need the income from the ½ booth?  Head of Fairgrounds will no longer let us use the back room because it’s a storage room for them.  Table the issue until Robin can be here.  Area should be double draped so lights aren’t’ visible.

Music – more speakers strategically located.  Need one more speaker maybe behind Kids Clay.  P&D needs to take care of acoustical problem with the company we rent them from.

Cross training for current chairs will help us know other jobs as well as prepare us to take a new job when our current jobs are turned over to someone new.

Floor marking errors need to be corrected.

Number of people per booth:  Lengthy discussion in past determined that more people mean more bodies performing workshifts.  Someone slipped through the cracks this time.  Anyone participating in show should have committee and work shifts.  If you’re not registered, you don’t have a page in bookkeeping and you’re not paid. No limit to number of people in booth.

Show times

Avi moved and Don seconded that Sunday hours change to 11-5.  We’ll continue with 5-8 hours on Friday and 10-6 on Saturday.

ClayFest policy – people with extra chair jobs get multiple points but don’t get extra percentage from commission.  The consensus was to not provide extra percentage.

Should we give trainees a point or at least half a point?  It would encourage more people to become trainees.  As it is now, trainees get booth selection ahead of people with no points.  This needs to be better publicized.  Out of towners can be co-chairs to share points.    Katie moves that we give a trainee point and two points for chairs. T seconds.  Would be a good incentive.  Or we could publicize the fact that trainees are guaranteed a booth. Avi amends motion to include the doubling of all current points.  Susan seconds amendment.  Amendment failed.  Motion fails.  Faith encourages us to recruit vendors as trainees during the show.  Don says that we can add a bolded line to the application form stating that trainees are guaranteed a booth. Discussion of Co-chairs will continue at next meeting.

Friday night entertainment: Think about other musicians or clay oriented event or something else.