Clay Fest Steering Committee Meeting


Jan 17 2012

6:30 p.m.


Meeting called by

Karen Washburn

Type of meeting

Steering committee

Note taker

Ken Standhardt


Frank Gosar, Merry Newcomer, Elaine Pruett, Don Clark, Barb Haddad, Linda Williams, Karen Washburn, Beth Johnson, Maryanne Smith, Tea Duong, Karl Smiley, Ken Standhardt, Dan Minard, Sue Siwinski, Faith Rahill, Michael Fromme

2012 Clay Fest Steering Committee Meetings are scheduled: February 7; March 13; May 22; September 11 all at 6:30 p.m.  EWEB

Show dates:  October 12 – 14, 2012

Treasurer Report

Frank Gosar:  

                        Beginning Cash $14,734.00

                        $500.00 loss on Clayfest 2011


Raise booth fees?  Wondering when the last time we increased them?

Registrar report

Don Clark:  Updated information for application requested from chairs via email and is on track.

Require booth payment before booth pick/show participation a must.  

Drapes contact with information to be included:  Berg Productions 541-484-9422



Karl Smiley:  We are going to produce fewer large posters due to limited space at storefronts and print a greater quantity of smaller 8x11 size.


Frank is requesting images for the 2012 bookmarks that were a hit last year.  Vertical images are encouraged due to the shape of the bookmark.  Send them ASAP!!

Action items

Person responsible


Send ‘vertical’ images to Frank Gosar for bookmarks

All & Frank



Sue Swinski:  Permits have been acquired.



Ken Standhardt:  


Ken is to receive information from last year’s chair:  Ali Clark to get started asap on contacting possible sponsors.

Karen Washburn suggested contact Maude Kerns Art Center as new sponsor.

Clay in Education

Maryanne Smith:  New area proposed to emphasize the program.  Place it where the information area was and place the information area and raffle area between the entrance/exit doors.  

Maryanne and Frank are looking into creating a new brochure showcasing the program.  


Rhoda Fleischman brought to our attention that actual awards were not received.  

Action items

Person responsible


Sponsorship chair to follow through to see if the award is received/addressed with the providing sponsor

Sponsorship Chair


  • Around the odd half both space in NE corner os 2011.  No solutions, but will address again
  • Ken Standhardt proposed Clay Fest participants must pick different booth spaces than previous years to keep the show fresh.  Proposal discussed/tabled.
  • Creation of a Hospitality chair was discussed.  Agreed not to do so.  Agreed to not provide food at the mandatory meeting on the Friday of the show.  Vote was 15 to 2

  • Respectfully submitted