Attending:  Susan Roden, Shirley & Jerry Huft, Ali Clark, Paula MacCullen, Susan Fishel, Don Clarke,

Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Tea Duong, Avi Harriman, Linda Shaver, Faith Rahill, Tim Sheehan, Merry Newcomer, Robin Russell, Tracie Manso, Holly Dubrasich, Elaine Pruett, Susie Young

Ken Standhardt, Michael Fromme & Rhoda Fleischman are teaching tonight.  Mary Hindman sent her regrets and her updated job description.

First item is to set the date & place of meetings this year.  All meetings begin at 6:30pm.

Wednesday February 13 Georgies Budget requests

Wednesday March 12 EWEB

Thursday May 22 Georgies Booth Selection

Thursday September 25 EWEB Pre-Show

Thursday October 30 EWEB Wrap-Up


CLAYFEST October  11 & 12, 2008

Please mark these dates on your calendar.

* * Trainees * *

Tea is Building Trainee

Faith (Sales), Merry (Cash), Susan R (Sec’y) - this is at least the 3rd year for these Chairs.

Susan R would like a trainee.  Faith & Merry will keep their position for another year, if no one else wants it.

Holly (Mailing & Postering) & Susan F (Treasurer) - Their Chair positions will be discussed below.

Holly sees the need to divide her Chair position into 2 Chairs.  She is interested in remaining Chair of Mailing, but feels we need a local Eugene person to Chair Postering.  Mailing has evolved into a time-consuming job, and an energetic, local person could expand Postering.

There was a discussion about the Exit Poll.  Holly will keep it on the Mailing Comm, Frank will make some signs, Alissa will make space near the exit for clipboards for people to add themselves to the Mailing List.

Karen mentioned that Maude Kerns offered to share their mailing list w/ us in exchange for our mail list.  We declined, as we do not share our mail list at all.

Elaine & Susie were surprised at the number of people who came from out-of-the-area to ClayFest.

They will increase notices in outlying area newspapers’ Calendar sections.

Susan F has been looking for a trainee for Treasurer for at least a year.  She spends approx 100 hours/year (including meetings) in this position.  We need ‘oversight’ and should keep our CPA to go over things.  She wants to keep the requirement of 2 signatures on all checks, but thinks the Show Chair’s signature should be added. She proposed paying a bookkeeper and finding someone to be Treasurer of Local Clay & Clayfest.  She is willing to be the paid bookkeeper.  Don Clarke is in discussion to be the Treasurer.  Susan F & Don are acquainted with different computer programs.  A short discussion of this.  Don is seriously considering, but unwilling to commit at this time.

Susan had a Treasurer’s report:  She is accepting the last bills for CF 07.  Even w/ taxes and pre-paid taxes to take care of, it looks like the Show will make about $2600.  

She produced a chart of how much money ClayFest & Local Clay made/lost for the last 9 years.

In 2005 and 2007 ClayFest made a few thousand dollars, and the commission was 16% & 11%.

She proposes we keep the commission at that rate.


1)  This is the 10th year of ClayFest - what can we do to make the most of it?

* Ali proposes a Gala Friday Night Opening .  A lot of discussion - pro & con

* Robin:  Local 14 has a gala opening and charges $15pp.  They provide appetizers and a glass of wine.  Patrons get first choice of art for sale.  Margin on opening fee has dropped so much, they are considering charging $25pp next show opening.

* Ali :  This is the year to see if we can pull it off - Our 10-Year Anniversary

* Frank:  If potter’s pots could be used as serving dishes for food served.  Can we ‘re-plate’ Fairgrounds catered food?  Do we have ‘hosted’ or ‘no-host’ bar?

* Perhaps we should query Local Clay members to determine interest.

* Paula:  how about a task force/committee to investigate?  Avi offered to help.  Ali started this…

* Don:  Does chair of this committee get a ‘point’?

* Faith:  How about a Saturday Morning Gala?

* Tracie:  How about a Saturday Evening Gala?

* Karen : Concerned about Saturday business if we are open Friday night.

* Susan R:  We should stick to Friday Night Gala Opening & close earlier on Sunday, as 4pm

This would free up 1 workshift on Sunday, for Friday night.

* Tea offered to ask Tom Rohr to do his ‘Food Demo’ on Friday night.  CF buys the food, potters provide the pottery for serving, and there is food for the opening (thereby circumventing Fairgrounds requirement to use their caterers).

*  A ‘no-host’ wine bar could be good for business.

*  There is interest and many very eager persons, but some people are cautious.

**Paula & Avi will check the financial impact of a Friday night opening (I.e. renting space, pipe & drape for another day).  Paula will compose a query to go out to all Local Clay members.  She will report back by the next meeting.

2)  Show Photographer

* Paula left a message for Jon Meyer, but has no reply as yet.

* Linda S will ask David Simone to submit his rates

* Please ask any photographer to submit his show rates for booth and pots pictures.

3)  Clay-In-Ed

* This position will be advertised at the next Local Clay meeting, as it is a Local Clay officer.

4)  Show Lighting & Pedestals

* Avi has notes on various areas that requested more lighting for 08

* He will acquire 4 larger pedestals for the gallery

* Avi did not use $400 from his budget last year, but will request & use it this year


5) Re: A child w/ separate Local Clay membership, who shared a ClayFest booth

* Avi:  mentoring is fine, we should support young artists

* Shirley:  the ‘child’ was on the Gallery Set-Up Comm, and worked out fine.

* Karen: worked on Wrapping next to the ‘child’, and taught her what/how to do it.  Found her an eager & good learner.

* There are plenty of adults who are either not capable or willing to do their particular assigned job.

* Don:  What are our criteria?  For membership?  This is not a juried show.

* Frank:  A man in a wheelchair has been selling his pottery at Saturday Market.  If we have age (too young or too old) or other limitations it is DISCRIMINATION.

* Do we want/need a place on the Show Application for participant to list reasons why they cannot do ANY job?  i.e. person w/ a bad back cannot do lifting.

* Paula made a proposal asking if age should be used as a criteria for membership &/or show participation.  NO we should not.

* Frank:  This is a ‘small’ show.  We know each other.  The Workshift Chair may have been unaware of the age of a particular show participant.  We can alert each other.

6)  Re:  Social Security Numbers

* Karen, as Registrar, is the only other person besides Treasurer who sees SS#’s.  She knows to shred (or otherwise dispose of them) as soon as they are passed onto the Bookkeeper.

7) More shopping baskets

* Avi didn’t know it was in his job description.  Or how many baskets we borrowed this year, or the year before.  Will check w/ Janet Buskirk if she remembers how many she brought, and ask for double what we got in 07.

* Frank:  If we knew the door tally for the first hour on Saturday, we would have an idea of how many baskets we needed.  Linda W, Security Chair, has this info.

8) Co-Chairs

* At this time, all Co-Chairs are sharing booth space, so there is no issue

* Co-Chairs will have to decide how to divide their points when/if the time comes

* Elaine: She & Susie took on the job together last year.  They knew and had worked together before.  It was valuable to bounce things off each other & they have different strengths.  Neither would consider doing the job alone or having a booth alone.

* Jerry & Shirley Huft echoed their assertions.

* Don: Historically, we tried to keep all Chair jobs as equal as possible.  If a job became too much work, it was divided into 2 jobs.

9) Job Descriptions

* Last year there were new Chairs who came in w/out being a Trainee.  The jobs also evolve, as the Show Application was available on-line for the first time in 07.  We have a great need to bring the Job Descriptions up-to-date.  

* If you have not already submitted an update to your job description, please do so soon.  If you are computer capable, the easiest way is to find your job description on the Clayfest website.  Copy & paste it to your word processor.  It is easy to make changes w/out retyping the entire page.  Email to Susan Roden:  

* Job Description for each chair will be kept in a folder, and be available at all the meetings.  If a new chair comes in at any time, they can be handed a copy of their job and be set to go.

*  Chairs should keep track of hours spent on their job during the year.  Some jobs are spread out through the year, and some jobs are real intense during the show.  We need people for both types of jobs.

*  Sec’y will have job descriptions available at the wrap-up meeting for updating by the Jan meeting.


Budget requests from all chairs

Time line for Registrar

Friday Night Gala Opening

* Jan 31 is the deadline for Local Clay membership to be eligible for ClayFest.

Paula will have Michael send an email to all former members to remind them of this.