____Clay Fest Steering Committee 01/08/2013______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Attendees: Beth Johnson, Barb Haddad, Beverly Curtis, Cecile Haworth, Dave Parry, Denise Davis, Don Clarke, Faith Rahill, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Ken Standhardt, Kris Anderson, Linda Williams, Merry Newcomer, Michael Fromme, Pat Brooks, Robin Russell, Sue Siwinski, Elise Corin

Recorder : Kris Anderson


Next Steps/Decisions

  • The minutes from the October 23, 2012 meeting were presented.  Don moved that they be accepted.  Frank seconded.  

Motion to Approve Passed

Timeline for Chairs

  • The timeline for serving of the chairs was presented.
  • The following chairs were presented for a vote for the year 2013:

Beverly Curtis – Cash;  Cecile Haworth – Info Packs; Dan Bellas – Publicity; Dave Parry – Gallery set up; Denise Davis – Trainee, Kids Clay; Faith Rahill – Show Furnishings; Linda Williams – Sales; Nancy Adams – Trainee, Bulk mailing.  

Don moved, and Merry seconded that the above chairs be accepted for the year 2013. 

  • At the next meeting we will discuss those who have served 2 years and need a trainee.  

Motion to approve chairs Passed

Review of Budget numbers from 2012

  • Merry has a list of the total assets and liabilities, and will send via email for review.
  • The bottom line:

           Total Assets:  24,597.34

       Total Liabilities:  20,254.66

            To the Good:  4,343.68

      Carry Over from 2011:  3,135.87

Merry will send totals from 2012 via email

Policy Changes

Next Steps/Decisions

The following changes to the policies were proposed and adopted

  • An Open Position can be announced at a Local Clay meeting, OR sent to the membership via mail or email.  Motion to accept – Frank Gosar  Seconded – Don Clarke  PASSED
  • Announcement for Open Trainees positions by same language:  sent to membership via mail or email.  Motion to accept by Frank Gosar.  Seconded – Don Clarke  PASSED
  • Regarding Chair Positions:  “Other Chairs may remain in their current position for a period of three years, the last year working with a trainee” Motion to accept – Frank Gosar  Seconded – Don Clarke  PASSED
  • “After three years the position must be opened up to the Local Clay Membership.”  Motion to accept – Frank Gosar  Seconded – Don Clarke  PASSED

Kris Anderson to make changes to the Policies

All motions passed.  

Show Furnishings

Next Steps/Decisions

  • Faith Rahill talked about the new position, which shall be called Show Furnishings.  The new position was created and passed vote in October, 2011.  Faith will take any suggestions from the membership for ideas.  However, the budget will be entered next month.  The position will include, Pipe and Drape, Sound, CD’s, and Water.

Booth Selection Procedure

  • The booth selection procedure was discussed at length, including ideas about pre-drawing the names, and publishing them in order VERSUS, leaving it as is.  It was agreed that Booth Selection would stay as is for now.  

Clay in Ed – Local Clay versus Clayfest Position

  • The current Clay in Ed position is really a Local Clay position.  What the Clay in Ed position does for Clayfest is create a booth, and do a fundraiser for Clay in Ed.  It is really two separate jobs.
  • Don Clarke moved, and Beth seconded that we create a Clayfest “Clay in Ed Fundraiser” position.  This position is responsible for setting up, managing, and maintaining the Clay in Ed booth at Clayfest.  The Motion Passed

New Clayfest Clay in Ed fundraiser position

Reimbursement for Clayfest Clay in Ed position

  • Since this position was denied the points and the % from 2011, with all the work, Robin moved, and Ken seconded that we reinstate the points and reimburse the monies for 2011.  The motion passed

Names of Chairs Revised for Clarity

Next Steps/Decisions

  • The follow Names of Chairs were Revised for clarity:
  • Cecile Haworth – Info Packs
  • Faith Rahill – Show Furnishings
  • Robin Russell – Sales Tags

Broken Pots

  • Broken pots will continue to be a budget item at the budget meeting and funded from the budget year to year versus a cumulative amount.  

Calendar for the Year

  • The Calendar for the Year is as follows:
  • The CLAYFEST SHOW is October 11, 12, and 13, 2013
  • Clayfest Steering Committee Meeting are:  February 5, 2013; March 12, 2013; May 21, 2013; September 10, 2013 ; October 22 , 2013
  • Graphics are due June 30, 2013
  • Booth Selection is May 21, 2013

Survey Monkey

  • Sound System:  Faith will work on this – its really about the building and acoustics
  • Food/Coffee – Don will work on getting a barista and possibly a sandwich truck
  • Cecile will work on providing a map to local cuisine
  • Group Booth – Pat Brooks volunteered to do a booth “for free” should we find that there is interest.  A survey monkey or other idea would be sent out to see who is interested.  If we choose to do it, the option would be added to the application.  Barb and Pat will create a proposal for the next meeting.  
  • Workshifts:  after much discussion, it was decided that there will be no changes
  • Security – after much discussion, it was decided we will continue to talk about this

Points Committee Report

  • The Points Committee (Karen, Don, Faith, Merry, Beth) reported that there was not enough reason to change the policy.  To address the disenfranchisement issue, it was requested that we all work together as a community, and work towards being friendly and helpful.  

Motion to Adjourn

  • Motion to adjourn by Michael, seconded by Beth
  • Next meeting – Bring budget $

Adjourned at 8:12 p.m.