Clay Fest Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, October 30, 2008


Attending: Susan Roden, Paula Mance, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Rhoda Fleischman, Jerry & Shirley Huft, Holly Dubrasich, Merry Newcomer, Annie Hubbird, Elaine Pruett, Susie young Avi Harriman, Robin Russell, Michael Fromme, Linda Williams, Faith Rahill, Traci Manso, Barb Haddad, Leslie Friedman

First the Financials:

Frank - Treasurer -

Linda W - Security, Karen - Registrar, Rhoda - Demo, Hufts - Gallery Display, Faith - Sales, Tracie - Workshifts, Michael - Visa/Credit, Linda S - Signage, Merry - Cash

Avi - Set-Up

Elaine & Susie - Publicity -

Holly - Mailing

Robin - Sales Tags

Mary H - Building

We have not collected sponsorship money from Georgie's, yet.

The Friday Night Gala Opening cost:

Next the GOODS or POSITIVES of the Show:

BADS that cost us:

OTHER BADS / NEGATIVES - Things to discuss in '09

Possible revisit job point allocation in January

Clay-In-Ed Chair & Show presentation:

Avi Harriman will be willing to Chair Clayfest in 2009, if someone will take over Set-Up Chair

A hand vote was requested to accept Avi as Chair and he was unanimously voted in.

Paula showed the form to reserve EWEB rooms for our meetings, and submissions are accepted from Nov 1 on

Avi set meeting dates on the second Tuesday of the month at EWEB (pending acceptance by EWEB): January 13, February 10, March 10, 2009