Clay Fest Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, May 22, 20008

Attending: Susan Roden, Karen Washburn, Avi Harriman, Frank Gosar, Paula Mance, Alissa Clark, Linda Shaver, Susan Fishel, Tea Duong, Holly Dubrasich, Linda Williams, Susie Young, Tracie Manso, Ken Standhardt, John Shue, Jerry & Shirley Huft, Tim Sheehan, Robin Russell, Faith Rahill, Mary Hindman, Rhoda Fleischman, Merry Newcomer, Michael Fromme, Katie Swenson

Registrar's report

Karen reviewed applications and the Move-In Packet.

  • There were 56 requests for a booth at Clayfest.
  • Some previous booth persons did not apply this year. If someone with points applies late, do they get to the top of the wait list? No, that is not in the show policies.
  • There was a review of dates & times for items on the Move-In Packet. The Friday opening changed these for move-in, gallery check-in, voting, etc.
  • Tim will update the committee chair emails before the Move-In Packet is on the website or sent out.

    Friday Night Opening

    John put the cd on, while we discussed how many musicians for how long.

    We decided on 2 musicians, guitar & keyboard, to play for 2 hours for $315, from 5:30 - 7:30pm, on the Demo stage.





    New Web Site

    Booth Selection

    Potter's booths will be available on the Clayfest website soon, if not already. (thanks, Tim)

    Next meeting: Thursday, September 25 at EWEB - last Pre-Clayfest meeting