Attending: Susan Roden, Karen Washburn, Susan Fishel, Frank Gosar, Merry Newcomer, Linda Shaver, Michael Fromme, Linda Williams, Paula MacCullen, Tim Sheehan, Ken Standhardt, Tea Duong, Jon Shue, Avi Harriman, Faith Rahill, Elaine Pruitt, Holly Dubrasich, Rhoda Fleischman


Paula started in on the budget. She passed out a sheet headed: "CLAYFEST BUDGET 2007 and 2008"

Beginning Cash - INCOME - EXPENSES :

each Committee is itemized + Other - TOTALS

Pipe & Drape and Credit Card Bank Fees "zero-out" in the budget Booth participants cost for pipe & drape is deducted from their check for sales. Cost for Credit Card machines is included in Bank Fees for Charge & Debit sales.

There were a number of expenses that it was not clear which committee's budget they were included in. Paula, Susan F and appropriate Chairs discussed what charges went where.

Each Committee Chair made their budget request with some "padding for extras".

INCOME = Beginning Cash + Booth Fees + Pipe & Drape income = $25,017.

EXPENSES = Committee Expenses + Broken Pot Fund ($5 of each Booth Fee) + Bank Fees + Taxes + Accountant + Insurance = $19,925.

If we decide to have a FRIDAY NIGHT GALA OPENING, an estimate of extra expenses include: $760 Building Rental from Fairgrounds + $500 Pipe & Drape extra day + $150 Sign for GALA Opening = $1410

It appears that financially we can afford to open CLAYFEST on Friday night. We agreed last month to close the show at 4pm on Sunday instead of 6pm as in previous years. There is not the business to stay open until 6pm. Robin noted the sales tags after 4pm in 2007. Closing the Show at 4pm instead of 6pm requires only 2 workshifts on Sunday, instead of the 3 there have been in the past.

There was discussion pro & con for a Friday opening. One conclusion was that if we do it, this is the year, as this is our 10-year anniversary of the show. Tea & Ken noted that the Clayfolk show in Medford opens at 4pm on Friday and has long lines at the Sales tables the entire evening.

Paula will compose a survey for Local Clay members, and Michael Fromme will send a mass email to everyone, that polls interest for a Friday Night Gala Opening for Clayfest.

A discussion was held but no decision made, about raising booth fees $5 to cover any more expenses for a Friday opening.


Susan Fishel determined the cost to keep her as Treasurer is $600, and to keep her as Bookkeeper is (another) $600, with an estimate of $125 for expenses. Near the end of the meeting, Frank Gosar expressed interest in the TREASURER job, Susan Fishel would stay on as a paid BOOKKEEPER. Frank would keep his Graphics/Poster Chair. [THANK YOU FRANK!]


Karen made a presentation - Last year (2007) was the first year that Clayfest application was available online. 22 of 62 Booth Applicants requested "Paper" application.

Before preparing a tentative Clayfest Application, she wanted to confirm the time line for 2008:

April 3 Post card mailed to all Local Clay members notifying the application is imminent. Those who want a "Paper" application can call Registrar to request one.
April 10 Clayfest Application available on the Clayfest website
May 8 Clayfest Application postmark deadline
May 22 Booth Selection meeting
May 29 Booth Notification
June 30 Image deadline for Poster & Postcard
July 31 Image deadline for Print Ads
July 17 Gallery-Only postmark deadline
August 7 100% refund for Booth Cancellation
August 21 Move-In Packet mailed
Sept 4 50% refund for Booth Cancellation

To be eligible to apply for a booth at Clayfest, one must have paid their Local Clay dues by January 31. Those who want to participate in Clayfest, but did not pay dues by Jan 31, may make themselves eligible for the show by paying a $30 late fee (that goes to Clay-In-Ed) by April 30.

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 12 6:30pm at EWEB