Attending : Susan Roden, Patricia Hutchings, Don Clarke, Shirley & Jerry Huft, Tim Sheehan, Avi Harriman, Rhoda Fleischman, Ken Standhardt, Frank Gosar, Susie Young, Robin Russell, Susan Fishel, Karen Washburn, Linda Williams, Mary Hindman, Faith Rahill, Elise Corin, Holly Dubrasech, Tracie Manso, Paula McCullen

Paula began the meeting by thanking all Chairs for their help in putting on a very successful show.

Susan Fishel gave a preliminary
TREASURER'S report :
* Georgies did not give us $1,000 as in the past. That's a lot of sales to make up in our budget. [16% commission x $6250 = $1000. Which means ClayFest needs $6250 in sales to make $1000 in commissions.
* Bills are still coming in for the show
* ClayFest only made money last year, because our pre-paid taxes were refunded; since we made no money, no taxes were due.
* Treasurer needed cost for table rental, to get last 3 checks to artists. Turns out Paula paid $92 to Fairgrounds for tables, works out to $9/table for booth persons.
* BOOKKEEPER & TREASURER need info on booth pipe & drape and table rentals, broken pots, missed shifts, chairs who missed meetings and pay regular commission - all immediately after the show, as they begin Monday 9am after the show to do books so participants can be paid ASAP.

* The fire marshal gave us the closest scrutiny ever, then approved us to open the show.
* Need some clarifications in next year's move-in packet. i.e. plastics cannot be fireproofed
* Alert Electric will increase their fee in '08. In '06 we paid $729, and expect '07's bill to be exactly the same.

CASH - Merry N
* Lights over the sales tables helped a lot.
* Suggests mandatory training for all workshifts on cash or visa. Found some did not know their job when they came to the workshift.
* She brought copies of a sales spreadsheet for the past 3 years to share with us.

CHAIR - Paula
* Qwest again did not have the second phone line working on Friday. Doug at Fairgrounds saved us. For an additional $50 next year, the Fairgrounds will deal with Qwest. She said this would be money well spent.
* There was no photographer this year. John had another job ClayFest weekend.

CLAY IN ED - Erica
* Was a late replacement for Kay, who was a late replacement for Linna
* There was no donation, therefore no raffle.
* The display needs help

DEMO - Rhoda
* The sound system worked for the first time, until replacement batteries were needed.
* New lighting worked good, cross lighting would be even better
* The platform wobbled, even after being shimmed. Perhaps the old concrete floor is not level.
* Her workshifts as back door security made her committee chair work go smoothly.

GALLERY DISPLAY - Shirley & Jerry Huft
* A few more tall pedestals for next year is requested
* Her laptop is old and she only uses the printer for this show. She saw a stand-alone label maker at Staples for $49. Robin (BOOKKEEPING Chair) said our new copier is also a laser printer. We can download some software to get it to work with
* Suggestion for next year: announce 3rd place winner, then 2nd place, then Best of Show last.
* Shirley got kudos for the map she sketches of pots in the gallery. It is a BIG help for gallery hosts to replace sold pieces in the gallery.

SET-UP - Avi
* A bigger storage area was rented for our own pedestals. Makes up for the $ saved by not renting a truck or trailer to bring pedestals & lights from Portland. The storage fee is increasing from $550 to $800 on Dec 1.

* He is under budget even though he had to print an extra 750 show maps on Sat afternoon.
* The poster cost a little more this year.
* We paid $15.95 for an extra 1000 postcards. Many were distributed at the Empty Bowls sale.
* quARTerly only printed 1 of the 2 pages we bought.
* Register Guard told Holly (MAILING/DISTRIBUTION Chair) they needed 10,000 postcards to mail 9,000, while Frank learned they only need 250 extras, not the 1000.
* He took some extra postcards to the Corvallis Fall Festival
* Needs more super high resolution photos for the poster and ads.

* She sent a very complete report via email to all the chairs before the meeting. Briefly :
* With the increase in postage, mailing costs only went up $22.28
* 912 Exit polls were collected at the show, for 236 new entries
* She suggests this committee be divided in 2 next year: The mailing list is an enormous job.
* Poster distribution should be chaired by a local in Eugene, and increased.

* Lighting was good, though it needed to be rearranged
* The tables were longer and narrower this year, a different shape than the canvas she sewed to use.
* Ken will order tables to fit the canvas for next year.

PUBLICITY - Susie & Elaine
* We paid KLCC, Register Guard, Eugene Weekly, QuARTerly for advertising, and came in under budget.
* Tried to get on as many web & public calendars as possible.
* Will look to get more free publicity next year
* Suggested to check out: Eugene Magazine. And the Web Page: Planet Eugene

* There was no waiting list for booths this year.
* Accepted Gallery-Only persons up to nearly Show time. Will close it off earlier next year.

SALES - Faith
* All went well.

* Only 1 mystery tag
* Distributed a sheet with bookkeeping totals for the show
* Final numbers only $17 shortage of money in and tags of pots sold.
* Purchased a $125 copier just before the show, as our old one died. Will amortize it over 2 years to stay within budget. Will store it at her home, which is safer & dryer than our storage space.
* May have to pay $45 to recycle old copier. It is too dead to try to sell.

* Need a sign for the Info Table, since we send customers there during the show.
* Missed Local Clay membership forms. Will find the 1 membership check and get to Susan F
* Ran out of shopping baskets before 1pm on Sat. Perhaps we should buy some of our own.

* Am over budget - almost $2 over my $5 budget. Increase in postage is main reason.

* RE: Social Security #s. She needs them every year for every show applicant. Has to fill out 1099 tax forms for every person paid more than $600 (most everyone) by Jan 31. Cannot take the time to track down missing ss#. No ss# = no show participation. Does not want the responsibility or liability of keeping everyone's ss# on file until it is needed for the next show. She shreds then burns all paperwork with that personal info.

SIGNAGE - Michael
* no show, no report

* no show, no report
* Georgie's made Bob in Eugene tell Ali they would not donate any $ this year.
She is acquainted with the owner of Georgie's in Portland, and will ask to discuss Eugene area support of our local Georgie's.

SET-UP - Avi
* On a budget of $4175, there is still $645 left which will cover the storage space fee due Dec 1
* The metal 'gorilla rack' that was used for Gallery storage was sold and a plastic 'gorilla rack' purchased. The plastic one is light-weight and easier to use.
* Will buy more lights for next year
* Made a presentation of interactive information sharing via gmail. He showed an example using with the password of local clay. Paula has used this with another group, and found it to be very helpful and workable.

VISA - Lynne
* This chair needs a technical 'comfort level'
* Michael Fromme will take it back next year.

* The job got harrowing towards the end, with many drops and adds
* More people in the show makes it easier to fill all the workshifts.

CLAYFEST 2008 is scheduled for OCTOBER 11 & 12
(Fairgrounds already had us penciled in)

Next ClayFest Steering Committee meeting scheduled Tuesday, January 15, 2008 6:30pm at EWEB

Next Local Clay meeting Thursday, November 8 at Georgie's

3 people attended the meeting as applicants for Committee Chairs :
Tim Sheehan for WEBMASTER trainee
Tea Duong for BUILDING trainee
Patricia Hutchings for SHOW CHAIR trainee

Some things that were brought up, and shelved until January meeting :

* 2008 is the 10-year anniversary of ClayFest. What will / can we do extra?
* If we want a show photographer, need to start looking early.
* Upgrade display for CLAY IN ED
* Cross lighting for DEMO
* GALLERY requests more taller pedestals for display
* POSTERING needs a separate chair. Can be better monitored and be a better marketing tool.
* There was a child, who had a separate Local Clay membership, share a booth with their mother.
She was young to be on a wrapping workshift. Do we want / need an age limit for participants?
* This is the first time we have co-chairs. Since only 1 'point' is earned each year, how do they share it? This needs to be addressed.
* More shopping baskets needed. Are we ready to purchase our own?
* SS #'s need to be only for the TREASURER. Any old paperwork with that info needs to be destroyed.
* Avi's presentation of the advantages of using gmail for interactive information sharing looks very good.