ClayFest Steering Committee
ClayFest 2005 Debriefing Meeting

In attendance : Elise Corin, Shirley & Jerry Huft, Holly Dubrasich, Rhoda Fleischman, Susan Fishel, Michael Baines, Jeani Holder, Mary Hindman, Dan Minard, Don Clarke, Linda Williams, Paula MacCullen, Faith Rahill, Grace Sheese, Dan Schmidt, Michael Fromme, Frank Gosar, Merry Newcomer

Special THANKS : Don began the meeting by relating the tale of Janet Buskirk’s adventure in transporting the Gallery furnishings back to Portland, the grand finale of which was an engine fire on I-5 in the wee hours of Sunday night. A resolution was presented and passed to compensate her with a $100 thank-you gift for her time and trauma.

ClayFest 2006 Chairs and Trainees : A review of next year’s Chairs was made and the 2006 Steering Committee was confirmed as follows :



Bookkeeper Jeani Holder TRAINEE
Building Mary Hindman TRAINEE
CASH Merry Newcomer  
Chair Paula MacCullen  
Demonstrations Rhoda Flieshman  
Gallery Display Shirley Huft  
Graphics Frank Gosar TRAINEE
INFO-Security Cheryl Kempner TRAINEE
Kids Clay Elise Corin  
Mailing-Distribution Holly Dubrasich  
Publicity Dan Schmitt TRAINEE
Registrar Don Clarke TRAINEE
Sales Faith Rahill  
Secretary Sue Roden  
Show Set-Up Michael Baines TRAINEE
Signage Grace Sheese  
Sponsorship Alissa Clark  
Treasurer Susan Fishel  
VISA Rosa Nogues  
WebMaster Virginia Taylor  
Workshifts Linda Williams TRAINEE

Those Chairs listed as TRAINEE means they should have a Trainee since 2006 will be their third year. Linda advised Nancy Adams is Trainee for WorkShifts; however, Don reminded the group that Policy requires him to announce all Trainee openings at the November Local Clay meeting. Anyone can apply and we review applicants at the January Steering Committee meeting.

Issues/changes for 2006 :

Don first presented Frank’s list :

Don’s list Registrar :

Paula for Cheryl :

Faith :

Grace :

Shirley – Gallery :

 Elise :

Holly :

Rhoda :

Michael F :

Susan F:

Mary H :

Michael B :

Jeani :

Don (comments in general) :

2006 show dates : Currently booked as 14-15 October, Home Show may change to 1st weekend but we’re okay with that as that change would make us the same weekend as the Bridal Show (good match-up)

Paula is set to be new Chairperson when confirmed by vote of Local Clay membership at January meeting; Virginia taking over as webmaster effective in next week or so.

Next meeting is January 25, 2006, 6:30PM at EWEB