CLAYFEST WRAP-UP MEETING - Monday, October 23, 2006

Attending : Susan Roden, Frank Gosar, Don Clarke, Rhoda Fleischman, Robin Russell, Michael Fromme, Susan Fishel, Michael Baines, Faith Rahill, Robert Richardson, Avi Harriman, Elise Corin, Merry Newcomer, Mary Hindman, Grace Sheese, Linda Williams, Linna Muschlitz, Tracie Manso, Holly Dubrasich, Shirley & Jerry Huft, Jeanie Holder, Paula MacCullen

Paula began the meeting showing leftover postcards (1" stack) and posters (not many) and outlined a brief agenda : l Money, l Committee reports, l Trainees, l Set date for next meeting, l Things to address for next year

Committee Reports

BOOKKEEPER - Jeanie - l Total Sales from adding sales tags is $73,427, which is down about $3,000 from ‘05. l The total money received was $169 short of the sales tags total. It is not worth her (or our) time to reconcile for that relatively small amount. The dollar shortage is smaller than in ‘05. l For ‘06 the VISA (all charge & debit) sales were ~$53,000, which is ~$9,000 more than ‘05. The Cash (includes checks) sales were ~$20,000, which is ~$12,000 less than ‘05. l There were no mystery tags, all sales tags could be attributed to a booth. CLAY in EDUCATION raised $119 from the raffle of a case of wine, and $249 from direct sales of pots for a total of $368.

TREASURER - Susan Fishel is waiting for final committee expenses. All bills must be submitted before the end of the calendar year, if you want to be reimbursed. l $4,690 was the profit for ClayFest ‘05 after all bills were paid. l The taxes were higher than we anticipated because we made more money than expected.

DEMO - Rhoda asked for money to reimburse Tom Rohr for the food for his demo. He spent $60. She had no other expenses for her committee.

BUILDING - There were many problems with Pipe & Drape people, and this is not the first year. Michael Baines will check into the Salem company that Showcase uses, for another quote for next year. The Salem company will tape the floor for us, also. MB said a Thursday set-up for P-N-D would alleviate many of the problems. Mary H said the electric could probably be set up on Thursday, also. l Pipe & Drape booths are really slightly larger than 10’ x 10’. l Many committees would like lights : Sales tables, Demo (for hand builders), Kids Clay. P-N-D can use their pipes to set lights on. lJanet Buskirk rented a trailer this year to haul gallery parts from Portland. The trailer was less expensive than the truck rented last year. l Tom Rohr has access to the woodworking shop at LCC, we may be able to either make pedestals or have them made by students, and save hauling things from Portland. l Rhoda said the sound system never works the first few hours of the show l Mary Hindman said we breezed through the fire inspection, only 2 people had the wrong size of extinguisher. (FYI : fire extinguishers are required every 75’ and should be on a 4’ pedestal) l Elise said the Kids area was short some chairs.

CHAIR - Paula had to put $30 deposit for the second phone line on her credit card. When she had originally arranged for the line there was no mention of a deposit, when she called the week before the show, they would not install the line without a deposit. She expects the phone company to refund the deposit as a credit to her account.

GALLERY DISPLAY - Shirley reported that everything went very smoothly. New this year was a third person at check-in, so all her committee people could work a similar amount of hours. l She brought her lap-top computer and printer, which made excellent gallery cards. Next year, she’ll try a new font, and drop the name/booth/description/price headers. l Ballots were handed out to the booths; Gallery-Only (GO) may not have had a chance to vote, so she’ll have ballots at check-in next year. l This year, there was a ‘Gallery Map’ so as each Gallery Host came on to their workshift, they could check to see that each GO person had a piece in the Gallery. That worked very well. Frank asked for a clipboard for the Gallery Host next year. l Next year the winning pieces will be grouped in the Gallery.

GRAPHICS/POSTER - Frank said that since Shirley’s computer is compatible with his he can bring the Awards Certificates to the show to be printed out there. Anyway, they will try next year. l He also noted that we had not decided what time to announce the gallery winners, noon sounded nice, but he has to reconcile that with his radio show.

SECURITY - Don noted that it is important to have a Greeter at the front door. l It was mentioned that the roll-up door nearest the Home Show has not been closed at 3pm as said it would. People have wandered in during set-up. The BUILDING Chair will make sure it is closed at 3pm. l We need Security persons to watch the doors, not visit. l Our attendance for ‘06 was 3435, 1621 on Saturday and 1814 on Sunday. The higher attendance on Sunday may be because of a UO Duck home football game on Saturday. We may have had 4000 attendance in ‘05.

KIDS CLAY - Elise said there were ~ 80 persons there each day, with more adults this year than last. l Where were the aprons for the workshift people? Security had them. l There were a few items left at Kids Clay, what to do with them? Fairgrounds Lost & Found was suggested. l The tables at Kids Clay actually migrated around during the day. An extra table was against the wall. Jon Meyers, photographer did not have a table that was ordered for him, he brought one from home. His table was at Kids Clay.

MAILING/POSTERING - 11,000 cards were printed and 9,000 of them were mailed. The Register Guard charged us $2154 for their mailing list, merge & purge and mail. No bill, yet. In ‘05 our bill was $1940, but we mailed more cards this year and postage has increased. l We also used a different demographic for the mass mailing (over $80,000 income, instead of under $125,000). l Merry will get a copy of the checks to Holly to add to the mailing list.

PUBLICITY - Paula’s phone # got in the Eugene Weekly ClayFest blurb. She received a number of calls. Suggests the Publicity chair’s # next year in EW.


  • New ideas should come early ... throwing out new options and ideas at the final budget meeting does not give any chance for implementation. Best time for new ideas is January when we can discuss and plan.
  • Change Policies to match new Local Clay requirement for member in good standing by January 31st in order to participate in ClayFest
  • Change booths in front of SALES tables to half booths to (1) alleviate the crowding and (2) provide more half booths for those people who usually end up wanting them but getting full booths.
  • The Awards should be pre-thought before the meeting so that we can discuss a proposal rather than just create one. The Sponsorship Chair could easily come up with a proposal, perhaps in conjunction with another Chair.
  • We should maximize "freebie" advertising (ie : AAA Via Magazine, Sunset, etc) so that there is more exposure.
  • Based on the rather cavalier attitude of people dropping from the Gallery, I think it would be appropriate to have some discussion on what to do with late drops. It causes a great burden on the WorkShift Chair (as well as others) and simply indicates a lack of consideration for those of us that put on the show. Possibly : if Gallery Only drop after Move-In packet (ie : WorkShifts, etc) completed/mailed then they must do their assignments or not participate in the next year's show.
  • Given the apparent errors in transcribing the Application postmark date into the Registrar's database, I would strongly suggest that the envelope be kept along with the Application in the files.
  • Winners in Gallery (1) should have tags and (2) used to be in front on a central set of pedestals.
  • The large ClayFest This Weekend banner could go up Monday and get the diagonal corner spot facing 13th Ave all week.
  • How do we get a Greeter at the door all the time ? Need some re-look at the distribution of "bodies"
  • Grace is interested in processing Clayfest applications on-line
  • Grace (as Registrar 2007) also noted was that virtually everyone got "early" applications mailed to them and this means that "early" is no special ... so why do we continue this multi-phased distribution applications ?

SALES - Faith wants signs above the tables to designate cash or credit lines. l At the Exit Poll, customer suggested they would rather buy a raffle ticket for pottery. The raffle from ‘05 was for pottery, and it raised more money than the case of wine in ‘06. l Avi suggested colored duct tape on the floor to direct customers to the sales lines.

SIGNAGE - Request for higher signs at the sales tables. l On the fences, on 13th Street, can we post a week ahead of the show? How about a poster at the ‘back’ entrance to the Fairgrounds?

SPONSORSHIP - We need more cash and less freebees! How about a collective installation? Alissa offers to help Clay In Ed Chair come up with something for next year.

Skutt used to donate more ($1,000 in ‘05) to us, but gave to NCECA this year. We expect them to be back next year. Ali sends a correction: Skutt did NOT donate more in 2005----they have stayed steady at the same $150. I'm not sure where that NCECA info came from, but I received no such word of diminished support due to NCECA from any sponsor. l A former retailer, said when asked for a donation, he could give cash, but an item donated is also free advertising. l Frank suggested sponsorship could be used to reduce booth fees. l Robin suggested ‘no booth fee for the next ClayFest’ for a 1st Place prize.

SECRETARY - Don said all the Job Descriptions for Committee Chairs can be found on the website. Susan R has received updated Job Descriptions from 2 Committee Chairs. l Updated Job Descriptions are especially needed from persons leaving a Committee Chair position.

WORKSHIFTS - Linda noted one reason we were short of people to cover workshifts, was there were fewer Gallery-Only participants. l Some Committee Chairs are very busy during the show, should they be required to do workshifts, also? 6 or 7 Committee Chairs are affected. Shirley suggested Gallery Host workshifts for any of those persons. As Gallery Chair, she can cover the Gallery until they can get there if their committee work delays them. Linda said Aisle Host as a workshift was added when we had more people (Gallery-Only participants) in the show.

CLAY in EDUCATION - Linna suggested hourly announcements for Clay in Ed fundraisers.

2007 Steering Committee

Paula checked with each Committee Chair to see who needs a trainee for next year.

  • BOOKKEEPER/SALES TAGS - Robin Russell in for Jeanie Holder
  • BUILDING - John Siwinsky a trainee to Mary Hindman
  • CASH - Merry Newcomer will return
  • CHAIR - Paula will return
  • DEMO - Rhoda can train someone
  • GALLERY DISPLAY- Shirley will return
  • GRAPHICS/POSTER - Frank will return
  • KIDS CLAY - Elise can train someone
  • MAILING/DISTRIBUTION - Holly will return
  • PUBLICITY - Dan Schmitt will coach the new chair
  • REGISTRAR - Grace will take over for Don
  • SALES - Faith will return
  • SECRETARY - Susan R will return
  • SECURITY - Linda Williams will take over for Cheryl
  • SIGNAGE - Michael Fromme can train someone
  • SPONSORSHIP - Alyssa will return
  • GALLERY SET-UP - Avi Harriman will take over for Michael Baines
  • TREASURER - Susan F will return
  • VISA/CHARGES - Rosa will return
  • WORKSHIFTS - Tracie Manso will take over for Linda W
  • WEBMASTER - Don Clarke can train someone

We really need a Publicity Chair. The Committee Chairs who can train a new chair are fine with continuing in their position. A listing of all Steering Committee openings for 2007 can be found here (OPENINGS) along with complete job descriptions.


TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2007 Paula will try for EWEB

This year Paula followed Don’s Format for planning our show. For 2007, she would like to start with CREATIVE BRAINSTORMING. Some items to be discussed and/or considered at the January ‘07 meeting :

l Publicity Committee - add committee persons to assist chair

l Press kits could be sent to local papers

l Advertise in Sunset Magazine, VIA (AAA ) Magazine

l Contact Eugene Visitors & Convention Bureau

l Poster committee could distribute Eugene quARTerly along with posters

l Suggest to post at hairdressers and doctor’s offices.

l Registrar - Susan F would like to see Local Clay officers eligible for ClayFest as ClayFest Steering Committee Persons are

l How many hours do the different committee chairs spend on their job in a year? Gallery Set-Up Chair painted pedestals on Thursday, then packed them away Monday after the Show. That was besides set-up and take-down of the Gallery

l Some Committee Chairs job is during the entire show, do they have time for a workshift?

l What about a Friday opening?

l Paula wants to introduce SEVALCO to talk about Sponsorship

l Susan F : Between Local Clay and ClayFest we have ~$20,000 in the bank, we should consider a certificate of deposit so we can earn interest on the money