ClayFest 2004 Debriefing Meeting 10/12/04

In attendance : Kathryn Finnerty, Dan Schmitt, Mary Hindman, Frank Gosar, Don Clarke, Michael Baines, Susan Fishel, Jeani Holder, Tracie Manso, Paula MacCullen, Linda Williams, Merry Newcomer

ClayFest 2004 - Quick Show Numbers

More in depth information on the show's performance can be found on our informational webpage by clicking this link .... GRAPHS

Total sales : $66,018 - Saturday: $44,793 and Sunday $21,225. Currently showing $216 shortage which may be corrections in bank deposits. 2003 sales were $62,083, $172 shortage. This year's sales were up ~6%
Attendance: 3,049 total - which is lowest attendance ever (4,400 first year, 3,959 in 2003). Saturday - 1,949 people and Sunday - 1,200. Don will check with the Home Show to see if they have corresponding attendance drop on Sunday. Next year we want to track the number of sales after 5:00PM. Weather this year : Saturday had showers with heavy rain at times and Sunday was cloudy early with PM clearing.
Receipts : Committee Chairs please submit to Susan Fishel ASAP, would like to have done by end of year to close out 2004 books. Remember to put Chair and Committee name, and expense on each receipt.

ClayFest 2005 Show

The show will be held on October 15th and 16th 2005; is same weekend as Home Show. Don will reserve the auditorium building including two set-up days (Thursday to allow building committee earlier access for set up). This could allow earlier access for participants on Friday and would make things easier for Chairs who have major duties during the set-up period. It was resolved that we are not yet ready to move to a larger space and that the Columbus Day holiday probably has no significant impact on attendance.

Committee Chair Descriptions : Don passed out current descriptions and asked all Chairs to please update and return to Don before the November Local Clay meeting. Kathryn will write one for Visa sales.

ClayFest 2005 Chairs Positions : ClayFest policies state that after a person has held a Chair position for three years the position must be opened up to the general public. It was felt that those Chair positions that would be in their third year in 2005 should have Trainees so that the transition in 2006 would be smoother. The table below lists the current openings for the 2005 show (the asterisk indicates a Chair that will continue on after three years if no Trainee is found). Openings will officially be announced at the next Local Clay meeting on November 17th.
Chairperson Don Clarke TRAINEE
Demonstrations Rhoda Fleishman  
Gallery Display Paula MacCullen TRAINEE ( * )
Kids Clay Elise Corin  
Mailing-Distribution Cynthia Spencer TRAINEE
Poster/Graphics Frank Gosar TRAINEE ( * )
Publicity Dan Schmitt TRAINEE ( * )
Registrar Don Clarke TRAINEE
Sales Faith Rahill  
Secretary Merry Newcomer TRAINEE ( * )
Security/INFO Desk Cheryl Kempner  
Show Set-Up Michael Baines  
Signage Michael Fromme TRAINEE
Sponsorship Mary Briggs TRAINEE
Treasurer Susan Fishel  
VISA Kathryn Finnerty TRAINEE ( * )
Workshifts Linda Williams TRAINEE

ClayFest 2004 Show concerns

The remainder of the meeting was a sharing of ideas on how we could improve the show's management and function. Attribution has not been noted since the objective was to capture all the ideas in an open dialog.

Next meeting : Tuesday January 25, 2005, 6:30PM, at EWEB.