Tuesday, September 25, 2007


In attendance :  Susan Roden, Paula McCullen, Susan Fishel, Frank Gosar, Karen Washburn, Elaine Pruitt, Ken Standhardt, Mary Hindman, Avi Harriman, Faith Rahill, Susie Young, Merry Newcomer, Tracie Manso, Rhoda Fleischman, Robin Russell, Alissa Clark

This is the last meeting before the Clayfest show.

*  Posters & postcards are at Georgie’s for pick-up and distribution
*  He brought the proofs for the print ads for anyone to look at
*  How many Gift Certificates do we want him to prepare?
    2 for the flower ladies
    2 to have on hand - they are not valid unless signed by Paula
*  Needs to hear from Alissa - Sponsorship - to verify sponsors for the print ads
*  Needs the demo schedule from Rhoda
    She will solicit titles from the scheduled demonstrators and get him the info within a week.

PUBLICITY - Elaine & Susie
*  We are on track with the Register Guard, Corvallis Gazette & Roseburg News Review
*  We have 25 spots on KLCC, are on OPA & AAA calendar, KVAL & KEZI web sites, and numerous web calendars.
*  Had no luck with the Eugene Chamber of Commerce

*  9000 postcards are at the Register Guard for mailing, 1000 postcards are at Georgie’s
*  RG is mailing to a list of addresses in the $80k - $100k income range
*  She asked for ideas to increase the mailing list - perhaps an exit poll with prizes
*  Robin had a suggestion (that they use at Local 14 show in Portland):  patrons fill in an exit poll then put it in a box in front of one of a selection of prizes.  

CLAY IN ED - Kay (took over from Linna who will be away, and will have Erica do the work, as Kay will not be there either)
*  Requests someone donate a pottery piece for a Clay-in-Ed raffle (we have raffled pottery & non-pottery prizes and prefer to offer pottery)

VISA (Charge/Debit) - Lynne
*  We have 3 Charge machines ordered - everything is oraganized

GALLERY - Shirley & Jerry
*  Everything is organized

*  Gave her request for tables, chairs, pipe & drape for the info table
*  There is a new clay co-op in town & they would like to have brochures and a person, Jim Laub, sit at the Info Table.  Paula will check with Jim to see what hours he will be there, then let Workshift Chair know.

KIDS CLAY - Ken & DEMO - Rhoda
*  Rhoda has requested clay from Georgie’s for Demo (100#) & Kids Clay (150#)
*  She has asked Georgie’s if they want a sign at the Demo area:  ‘Clay Donated by Georgie’s’
*  A suggestion was made to buy  the clay from Georgie’s, but Alissa asked that we wait until she has their sponsorship donation amount wrapped up.

*  Requested some space for sponsors to put promotional material
*  After some discussion, she asked if she could make a free-standing “umbrella stand” to display Skutt & Georgies info.  It will probably be at the Info Table, but could go another place.
*  Stash Tea will give us some product, but she missed their quarterly deadline to request $ (just wait until next year..)
*  Will confirm our paid sponsors with Frank for the paid ads
*  Giffin Grip, Clay Times & Pottery Making Illustrated are on board again.
*  At awards time, she will make sure to thank our sponsors, again.
*  She will get together with Shirley (Gallery) ahead of time, to determine which prizes will go to which winners
*  Will come up with a local donor to give a prize for the exit poll.
*  Avi will give a gallery pedestal of the appropriate size for the exit poll & prize to sit on.

SET-UP - Avi
*  We decided not to borrow anything from OPA this year.  We made some more pedestals, and have the rest of our own equipment for the gallery.  (yes!)
*  Reconfirmed pipe & drape requirements for each chair

*  Reconfirmed chairs, tables & platform needs for Demo, Sales & Kids

*  Yes, Local Clay is a non-profit organization, for potential sponsors to know.
*  Clayfest is an ‘activity’ of Local Clay, which is a non-profit organization.
*  She will reconfirm this with our accountant
*  Re a question from Registrar, Karen:  the social security # of each participant is a requirement to get in the show.  It is not needed by the bookkeeper, but Treasurer needs the ss# of each participant to do end of year taxes, and cannot go hunting them up.

SALES - Faith
*  Everything is organized

*  The workshift chart changes almost daily - there have been a number of adds & drops.
*  She will get the latest to Don C for the web site soon
*  The final workshift schedule will be at the Info Table.
*  She has been phoning the individual Chairs to notify them of changes.

CASH - Merry
*  Everything is organized

Avi asked when we will begin getting access to the building.  Paula said we paid for a half day on Thursday, but didn’t know what time that actually began.  Mary H will check with the Fairgrounds, and let him know.

Next meeting is the Clayfest Wrap-Up :
Tuesday, October 30.  
Paula will see if EWEB room is available, otherwise will check with Georgie’s.
Susan said checks will be ready then.  Any not picked up that night, will be mailed the next day.