Clay Fest Steering Committee - 09/21/04

In attendance : Michael Baines, Jeani Holder, Michael Fromme, Susan Fishel, Mary Briggs, Paula MacCullen, Frank Gosar, Dan Schmitt, Don Clarke, Mary Hindman, Kathryn Finnerty, Faith Rahill, Peppi Melick, Linda Williams, Tracie Manso, Merry Newcomer

Don opened the meeting with a review of the discussion last month regarding Sponsorship. He offered an apology to Mary Briggs over his unexpressed expectations not agreed to by her.

Receipts : a reminder to make a note on each receipt handed in of Chair name and Committee/category.

Chris Gum Memorial : will be located in space next to Nancy Hart's booth; she is looking for input, suggestions, help. Her numbers : 503-292-2165 or 503-297-3799 or email to

Additional booth space : with 17 on the waiting list, Don suggested that a 5 x 8 space could be created at the end of the aisle near the old demo area. It was decided to pass this year but to revisit as a possibility in future floor plans.

Insurance certificate : Barb Ward advised Don she has faxed it to the fairgrounds.

Awards : voting to end by 10AM on Saturday. A special pedestal area will be set up for winning pieces. Announcement ceremony will be held in the Demo area (due to better PA) at 2:00PM Saturday, between Tom Rohr and Faith Rahill's demos (each donating 15 minutes from their time slot for the event -Thank you!). Frank will have blank certificates ready and Paula will ask Gail Pendergrass if she will do the calligraphy of the winner's names. Notice of the ceremony will be on the sign next to (or incorporated into) the map on the Gallery wall and the handouts to let the public know it is happening. Awards : a ClayTimes subscription, a Giffin Grip, a Local Clay T-shirt. Mary B suggested taking a photo of the award presentation to send to donating sponsors with a thank you letter - Don will bring his digital camera to the show.

Sponsorship : Mary B advised Giffin donated 2 Grips, one to be given as an award as noted above, the other possibly being raffled off as a Clay in Ed fund raiser. She will talk to Cheryl about selling raffle tickets at the Info table.
We received sponsorship money from Georgies and Skutt. Doug Hively has offered to donate clay for the Kids Area; Peppi will contact Chris Obert about clay needs to demos and refer him to Doug if necessary.
Other potential sponsors Mary contacted include the Rosen Group and Sheppard Motors. They will be looking at the show with possible involvement in 2005.

Registrar : Don inquired about any other needs of list from chairs; please let him know ASAP any further needs.

Don's Last Minute Worry List was reviewed: most areas are on track; some needs in the workshift/committee assignment areas were discussed and resolved (Kathryn will assist Tracie in supervision of the Sales area; Virginia will be assigned at Michael F's committee member).

Publicity : Frank is working on print ads and a handout that will include a map on one side and information about various aspects of the show on the other. He will have 500 printed initially and obtain more if the need arises. They will not be handed out by the greeters but available in proximity to the large show map.

Equipment/supplies : Don reminded those responsible to bring needed items. Jeani is checking out a copier that has been donated to see if it is feasible to bring it to the show; if not, Mary H has volunteered to loan hers.

Music : people will magically bring appropriate (without vocals is preferred) music CDs to be played over the poor PA system.

Debriefing meeting : Tuesday October 12 at 6:30PM - tentatively scheduled location : EWEB.