CLAYFEST Steering Committee Meeting - Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Attending : Susan Roden, Frank Gosar, Rhoda Fleischman, Paula MacCullen, Alissa Clark, Don Clarke, John Siwinski, Sue Swinski, Avi Harriman, Grace Sheese, Michael Baines, Dan Schmitt, Linna Muschlitz, Merry Newcomer, Michael Fromme, Mary Hindman, Holly Dubrasich, Elise Corin, Linda Williams
Following Paula's agenda, she called the Committee Chairs to report in alphabetical order :

* Merry : will there be any VISA/CASH combo tills?
* Decided : 2 VISA/Charge (charge/debit) -, 1 combo -, 1 cash only - tills
* Clayfest account has enough $ for Merry to prepare 8 tills for the show

* Michael F will make appropriate signs for the Sales tables
* Paula phoned Rosa & Spencer (VISA Chair) : we do not take either Discover or American Express credit cards

* Mary H said the fire permit is taken care of
* Tables & chairs is the same amount as last year
* She sent a follow-up letter to the Electric people to meet them on Fri AM, Oct 13
* Will get the store room cleaned up and charge it to Jon Myers, photographer
* Rachel, our Fairgrounds contact, wants to talk to only 1 person
* Grace has a number of Clayfest signs - she will get them to Mary H soon, so the largest one can get hung

* Michael F will follow up who/where is the permit for our large sign

* Paula confirmed that Jon Meyers will return this year
* Paula found a CD of candid shots from last year's show - Don said he can get them on the web site
* The 3rd visa machine, via a second phone line, will be $39 extra charge

* Rhoda said Georgie's asked for a written request for donated clay
* Don will send her some Clayfest letterhead stationery.
* She was told the mirror is in our Storage Unit, where is the storage unit?
* She was given directions

* Paula will bring her typewriter
* Michael B purchased 13 pedestals of various sizes for almost the cost of materials ($200) - * He got them from Alder Gallery which recently closed
* Janet B is not renting a truck this year, only a trailer
* Clayfest is moving to a larger storage space - Sun night of the show will move to the new space
* Painting of the new pedestals will be Thurs afternoon, Oct 12 - Avi will assist

*Clayfest gives 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Best Booth Awards

* Ali has amassed, 3 magazine subscriptions, 2 Giffin Grips, and 4 gift certificates
* She stressed that not all items are currently in hand, but promised
* The Gift Certificates include : Stash Tea - $24 certificate to their catalog, McMenamins - $50, Xenon Café - $30, Palace Bakery - $20, Wine Bar $20 (2 of $10 each)
* Ali acquired enough sponsor gifts to have some drawings besides the gallery & booth awards
* Rhoda suggests announcing drawing winners between demos
* CLAY IN ED will raffle off one of the gift certificates ($200 was raised last year on a raffle)
* Ali will make a box for the raffle

* Frank brought some posters and cards, more are at Georgies
* 11,000 postcards and 750 posters were printed this year
* Postcards were ½ price this year. We used an overnight copy service
* Newspaper ads are ready to go
* Show HANDOUTS / MAPS are printed closer to show time

* Elise asked if the firing info could be on the map, as last year
* Rhoda said she will request the clay from Georgies : 100# for KIDS' CLAY & 200# for DEMO
* Elise had a request to bring middle school art students to help with KIDS' CLAY - after discussion, was decided KIDS' CLAY does not have room for extra-help, no thank you.

* Holly has 1500 names/addresses from last year's exit poll
* 4 people sent address additions/corrections
* After collating, 500 new names were added to our list - there were lots of first-times, many probably from the Home Show
* Postcards will be sent to arrive in mailboxes on Sept 27
* Do we want an exit poll? Yes - use as a drawing for a gift certificate
* Next year, not now, we will consider whether to collect/use email addresses

* Dan said we have a nice article in QuARTerly
* Eugene Weekly will run a story on 2 Thursdays, Oct 5 and 12
* Register Guard will send reporters
* We will be on KLCC including spots on the weekend of the show
* Paula talked to Michelle of Lane County Visitors & Convention Bureau - we had been in the VISITORS GUIDE in the past - they would like to be involved with our publicity
* Paula will pursue LCV&CB, they will do a presentation at January 2007 meeting
* Jerry Williams wants to do the fall QuARTly on Clayfest each year
* Dan submitted Clayfest info to a new EUGENE Magazine
* Dan's trainee, Josh, is moving next year, so he needs a new one
* Paula introduced Susan & John Swinski, who she met through Emerald Art Center, they are interested in the Publicity Committee
* Mary H - BUILDING CHAIR, also needs a new trainee, as hers cannot continue
* Discussion of electronic Info-pack for the show - Don has a "$2 solution" : he will enlarge and laminate the electrical requirements for extension cords for booth lights

SALES - all ready
SALES TAGS - all ready

SECURITY - * Tables & chairs order is in
* Linda W reports a shortage of workshift persons so Info/Greeter will double as front-door security during the show

Gallery SET-UP - already covered

* Linna can borrow shelving from CLUB MUD
* Michael B will make sure there is pipe&drape between entrance & exit doors for CinEd

TREASURER - all ready
VISA - all ready
WORKSHIFTS - all ready

* 2007 Clayfest - we want the same dates as the HOME SHOW
* Re a Gala Friday night opening for Clayfest, Avi is the committee and he suggested we consider Saturday night - What we really need is a sponsor
* We will have 2000 copies of QuARTerly to distribute at Clayfest

De-Briefing meeting is Monday, October 23


Paula had the following additions to the minutes of the last ClayFest Steering Committee meeting of 09/20/06 :
  • · Dan Schmitt will check on the permit for the large sign, as he obtained the permit last January.
  • · The breakdown of awards is as follows :

1st Place gets a Giffen Grip and a magazine subscription
2nd Place gets a Giffen Grip
3rd Place gets a magazine subscription
Best Booth gets a magazine subscription and the $50 gift certificate to McMenamins.

  • · There are 2 late Gallery-only entries who will be added to Security on the workshifts.
  • · Regarding the suggestion that Local Clay Chairs be given consideration for ClayFest benefits - it has been tabled until another meeting.