Clay Fest Steering Committee 9/19/05

In attendance : Dan Minard, Faith Rahill, Dan Schmidt, Don Clarke, Frank Gosar, Susan Fishel, Mary Hindman, Paula MacCullen, Jerry & Shirley Huft, Holly Dubrasich, Michael Fromme, Linda Williams, Michael Baines, Grace Sheese, Merry Newcomer

Agenda items addressed

Receipts : to be turned in ASAP - need to be paid in this calendar year; expenses not turned in may not be payable.

Space by booth 13 : will be used for Gallery storage. John Meyer asked to set-up a photo studio, next to the "bookkeeper" office, to do photo sessions at the show. He is willing to pay the costs to have the stored items in the other half of the back room removed and returned for use of the space. He will take photos of the Gallery winners and of the show "in-progress". The back space has separate door and can be partitioned off from the bookkeeping area. Proposal was accepted. Fairgrounds will bill us and we will bill him.

Awards : Seven in kind items received and a decision was made to have some presented to the show award winners. Best of Show : Orton kiln vent; 2nd place : giffin grip; 3rd place : magazine subscription; Best booth (new category) : giffin grip and subscription. Other items will be for a door prize drawing pulled from address cards (McMenamins $50.00 gift card - show participants not eligible for this drawing); a raffle will be held for the 2 donated bottles of wine (plus Michael Fromme volunteered to make and donate 2 goblets and a carafe to go with the wine) the proceeds going to Clay in Ed. Holly will make the box and posters for the door prize drawing (use extra pedestal from Gallery for stand). Paula will do so for the raffle (participants are eligible to buy raffle tickets). Frank will make the award certificates and Don will check with Rhoda about clay ribbons. Announcement of awards will be at 4PM on Saturday in the Demo area.

Gallery Only : There are 27 Gallery only participants, next year we will need to shorten the deadline due to workshift finalization being affected.

Sponsorship : In addition to in-kind donations, Georgies - $1,000.00; Skutt - $150.00. Is there a cash donation/sponsorship from Hively? Don will check into it with Alissa.

Registrar Info : lists: Demos to Michael F; PnD to Michael B; Gallery only to Paula; participants to Frank for map; SSNs to Susan, floorplan names to Mary H.

Don's Worry List :

VISA : no one from the "new VISA company" committee was present. There were concerns re: contract with new vendor - who to sign as responsible party for the corporation; do we have reliable references for Pinnacle Processing (did Showcase use them?); does our current insurance cover financial liability (no-physical only). Pinnacle is requiring 2 year contract with fees if cancelled prior to expiration ($350 during first year, $250 during second year). Spencer has advised we can expect to save up to $600 (1.75% + 20 cent transaction fee) so if all checks out. Don will sign if no on-going officer will do so. Frank agrees to sign the contract as President-Elect of the corporation.

Fairgrounds : Don has introduced Paula to them as 2006 Chair. Did pencil us in for the 2nd weekend of October next year with the Home Show; however, the Home Show may not be on that weekend but the group did not feel that was a major concern and that other shows such as the bridal show may actually be a better match with us.

Oregon Crafted : came back to Don with a request to have a table to sell the books-too late this year to make arrangements and concerns about other selling going on at show but will provide info table space for brochures. Some participants in the book may sell in their booths.

Storage unit : we need to do a better of getting everything to the unit after the show. Bob has a key at Georgies or Chairs could bring things to the debrief meeting that could not go directly from the show (banners, etc that don't come down right away). We also have a need to keep organizational documents and it may be that we could have a small file box or cabinet in the storage unit to house them.

Cash Sales : Dan M advises we will use the shift till system as used by OPA this year to provide better accountability.

Debriefing : Wednesday, October 26th at 6:30PM at EWEB