May 16, 2007  -  Clayfest Steering Committee meeting


In attendance :  Susan Roden, Susan Fishel, Paula MacCullen, Don Clarke, Mary Hindman, Merry Newcomer, Michael Fromme, Rhoda Fleischman, Robin Russell, Susie Young, Linna Muschlitz, Jerry & Shirley Huft, Faith Rahill, Karen Washburn, Avi Harriman, Frank Gosar, Linda Williams, Tracie Manso


Paula began the meeting by announcing the new committee chairs : 

  • Karen Washburn is the new Registrar. Grace Sheese’s husband got a job in Illinois.
  • Lynne Ledbetter is the new Charge/Debit Chair. Rosa Nogues is planning a move to San Diego.


Chair UpDates :

^Mary H - Building - ok

^Merry N - Cash - ok

^Rhoda F - Demo - ok

^Frank G - Graphics - Brought a cd of last years award winners and show photos for Publicity Chairs

            * Deadline for postcard photos is June 1, for the postcard is early August.  First choice is to mail him a cd with high-res photos, or drop at Club Mud.  Email is slow, as he has dial-up service.

^Elise C - Kids Clay - has been meeting w/ Ken S, all is ok. 

            * Would like aprons for workshift persons during the show.  Michael F will ask Jeanne Henry if OPA could donate 4.  Or Linna has 2 new red aprons

^Susie Y - Publicity - She & Elaine met w/ Dan S. 

            * Elaine met w/ Jerry Williams: ¼ page ad is $100 for     Sep/Oct issue, deadline is June or July.    * Also contacted DAC (Downtown Athletic Club) for an ad in their newsletter.

^Karen W - Registrar - reviewed Move-In Packet - Karen did a great job.

            * ERROR in CLAYFEST APPLICATION :  Gallery-Only application deadline is August 15, not September 15

            * Please note:  If your booth set-up is not sturdy, you will not be compensated for broken work!

            * Don C gave Karen many tips on the computer/copy aspects of the move-in packet

            * Move-In Packet will be posted on the Clayfest web site. A postcard or an email (to all those who checked to receive Clayfest information electronically), to notify when the move-in packet is available.  Postcard recipients can request a paper Move-In Packet, everyone else finds it on-line.

^Faith R - Sales - ok

^Robin R - Sales Tags - ok

^Susan R - Sec’y - ok

^Michael F - Signage - ok

^Alissa - Sponsorship - Is still trying for cash instead of “stuff”.

            *  Georgie’s, Stash Tea and Skutt are on board.  Also: Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated. She is open to any other suggestions.

^Linda W - Security - ok

^Avi H - Set-Up - Making more gallery pedestals is his summer project. 

            * He’ll put out a word for help, when he’s ready to start. 

            * Will do more research on pipe&drape.  Last year’s company really wants the job.

^Susan F - Treasurer - We got our tax return back:  We were able to reassign last year’s (06) prepaid taxes to 07, since our income was such that we paid no tax.

^Linna - Clay-In-Ed - If she wants to buy anything for the Clayfest booth, it hast to come from her Local Clay budget.

^Lynne L - Credit/Debit - Paula talked to Rosa & Lynne at Showcase. 

            * Rosa says workshifts interrupt her Committee Work.

^Faith R - Sales - Said she can do a Sales Workshift during a slower time during the show, i.e. the last shift each day

^Rhoda F - Demo - Workshifts which change every 3 hours can be hard to coordinate with Committee work during the show, changing every 2 hours.

            * Back Door Security could work for her, though.

^Don C - Webmaster - All ok

^Tracie M - Workshifts - Karen will give the Show Artist list to Tracie

            * Tracie made notes of Committee Chairs requests for workshifts that coordinate with their committee work during time the show is open.


NEXT MEETING : Tuesday, September 25 -- Last meeting before the show.

            * Will set date for the Wrap-Up meeting at September meeting.


BOOTH SELECTION - Karen read the rules of booth selection order. 

            * Grace assisted Karen in the selection of names.

            * Avi kept the names on a floor map of the show room, after each booth was selected.

            * Booth persons not at the meeting, could either let the committee draw a booth number at random, or send a proxy to select for them.

            * This show roster will come out in the Move-In Packet