Clayfest Steering Committee Meeting -- May 15, 2006

Attending : Frank Gosar, Paula MacCullen, Don Clarke, Michael Fromme, Melinda King, Alissa Clark, Merry Newcomer, Mary Hindman, Michael Baines, Jerry & Shirley Huft, Susan Fishel, Dan Schmidtt, Faith Rahill, Holly Dubrasich, Linda Williams, Avi Harriman, Tracie Manso, Susan Roden.

Paula began the meeting with accolades to the Registrar & Registrar trainee for the clear and easy-to-read registration packet. Especially the blue page.

SALES : Faith will eliminate 1 cash sales station to leave 2 cash and 2 charge stations, since 70% of the sales are with charge/debit card. One cash station may be cash and charge. The HOLDING table is in the corner between Sales and Kids areas.

KIDS CLAY : Elise send word that the Kids Clay area could expand, as there are times that the wait is 3-4 people deep. Don’t think there is room on the floor plan this year.

VISA : Rosa & Spencer said they were unaware of long lines for charge sales. A wireless charge processing machine will cost $200, and include 2 regular (phone line needed) processing machines, and a regular rate for transactions. If we go with a new company, they need an individual to sign for liability. Don said it costs $150 for 2 regular charge processing machines, so $200 isn’t that much more money. Paula phoned Spencer to confirm & discuss this info. We currently pay Pacific Continental Bank (PCB) $50 to set-up and 2% per transaction fee. The potential new company that we could get a wireless processor from would charge us 1.65% per transaction. We would also need Paula to do a "transponder test" at the fairgrounds to assure a wireless connection.

PROPOSAL : We would like to keep our business with PCB as they are local and we already have our account with them. They are not locked into the 2% per transaction fee. Paula will contact Qwest to find the cost of running another phone line for the weekend, which she mentioned the Fairgrounds says organizations have done before. Spencer will contact PCB to negotiate a lower transaction %. We really want to have 3 visa stations and 2 phone lines are needed at minimum. Michael Fromme suggested we need to have the monthly VISA chare waived by the bank. Paula will work with Spencer to have this resolved within 10 days.

SPONSORSHIP : Ali said she had been working with Mark Heimann on the sponsorship for Showcase, and brought 3 pages of sample letters : 1) An introduction to Clayfest and Local Clay; 2) A description of the different levels of sponsorship; 3) A response form for the business to return to us. Several suggestions were made, as: the inclusion of a SASE. Her letters were real nice.

PUBLICITY : Dan showed a new Willamette Valley periodical he would contact: Home & Lifestyle. The deadline for QuARTerly is July 1. We have a few articles planned for that publication. Frank said we need some hi-res candids of Clayfest. Avi offered to take some, and we will ask Jon Meyers for some also. We thought Jon would take some candids at last years’ show, but he was too busy taking photos for the potters. We will ask Jon to make the time for some show shots.

REGISTRAR : Don included info about electrical and the flower ladies in the move-in packet. He gave a sample move-in packet to all the Chairs for their perusal, and asked for comments to be returned to him by early August.

SIGNS : Michael Fromme would like to update the poster board signs. Is not critical now, but will be in the foreseeable future. We want signs for the cash & charge lines to be above and on the sales tables. We can use more signage!

Paula raised the topic of a POTENTIAL FRIDAY OPENING FOR CLAYFEST 2007. We currently pay the Fairgrounds $750/day for the event and $340/day for set-up. If we want food &/or wine at a Friday opening we have to use the Fairgrounds catering. Pro & con was discussed. Chairs who also show in Medford declared the Friday opening for Clayfolk show is very profitable. Avi suggested a questionnaire to distribute to show participants. He & Don will come up with one.

Local Clay Membership : Frank made a proposal to think about that he will make at Wednesday’s Local Clay meeting. He would like to require membership in January to receive a Clayfest show application in June. It would make the Local Clay Membership and Clayfest Registrar’s jobs significantly easier.

GALLERY : Shirley noticed there were no gallery tags in the move-in packet. Don assured her they were not there last year, it made printing the packet much easier and she had plenty of gallery tags at gallery check-in last year.

Next meeting : Wednesday, September 20 at EWEB - 6:30pm This is the last meeting before Clayfest.