ClayFest·2005 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


In attendance : Susan Roden, Mary Hindman, Frank Gosar, Susan Fishel, Holly Dubrasich, Paula MacCullen, Faith Rahill, Dan Schmitt, Linda Williams, Shirley and Jerry Huft, Don Clarke, Michael Fromme, Merry Newcomer (Recording Secretary)

Budget : Don proposed giving $300 to Local Clay and putting no money into the Broken Pots fund (current balance $670) to allow a $500 cushion without raising booth or commission fees. Susan F recommended raising the amount of cushion to $1000. We had $676 cost overruns for the 2004 show (VISA expenses, Signage, and an ad in the quARTerly magazine were major items above budgeted amounts). Raising booth participant commission fees by 1% would raise projected commission amount between $625. and $650. With the adjustments proposed by Don (above) this would give us a projected cushion of $1149. This was approved by those present. Commission rates will be 11% for Chairs, 16% for all other booth participants; Gallery commission rate will stay at 30%. The complete budget is attached to these minutes.

Web-Master trainee : Don had 3 applicants. One dropped out, the other two (Sam Hoffman and Virginia Taylor) have been completing some exercises for Don to assess their skills; Don will soon have a decision. He also expressed concerns that Registrar volunteer Michael Morrison may not work out, that he did not show up for a meeting to go over duties and Don has not gotten a response when trying to contact him for training. The application form is nearly completed without Michael's involvement and by the next meeting the Registrar's major duties will have been completed. New sponsorship chair Alissa Clark has also not provided promised documents to Don for review by the Steering Committee.

Application review : Faith added "involvement in purchasing needed materials prior to show" for Sales committee member and Paula added "receive Gallery work" to Gallery set up committee, further the group removed information pertaining to handling cash and checks from Sales Tag workshift description (Michael F has a student will to make a box for the sales tag boards, Faith will provide her with measurements) and Frank pointed out some grammatical errors. Don will make corrections and application should go to printer by 3/31.

WorkShift & Committees : there was continued concern over keeping equity in the amount of work hours required by different Committees. It was felt that some Committees may not function well if members "quit working" after a set number of hours. It was decided to remove the wording on application regarding keeping assignments under 3 hours. With more people available due to the inclusion of Gallery Only participants, it is anticipated that the work may be completed in a shorter span of time thus making less demand on individuals.

Linda Williams needs to hear from Committee Chairs ASAP as to the number of individuals needed for Committee work and show time Workshifts If no input received, she will assign based on last year's numbers. She will bring a rough draft for final review to the June 2nd meeting and needs to finalize at that time as assignments need to be done soon after booth allocation is completed at that meeting. It was noted that Chair Trainees need to be assigned to the Committee they are training to take over next year. Don will provide a list of Trainees to Linda.

Exit poll : Holly asked those members present to review and make suggestions for corrections/improvements to the form we ask customers to fill out while checking out at the sales tables. Don mentioned that although statistics have been compiled from the past shows, the information has only been used to update the mailing list. He will forward the info he received from Cynthia Spencer to Dan S, the Publicity chair. It was suggested that we have a drawing from the completed polls for a dinner or some other prize to encourage more customers to fill out the forms. No decision was made on this proposal.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40pm

Next meeting
June 2nd at EWEB
6:30PM Steering Committee Meeting
7:30PM Booth Allocation

ClayFest 2005 BUDGET

Booth Fees

$ 7,120


$ 1,150


$ 9,585


$ 17,855



$ 1,928


$ 273


$ 1,379


$ 60


$ 0


$ 275


$ 3,363


$ 1,996


$ 2,008

Security/INFO Desk

$ 7


$ 100


$ 400

Committee Workshifts

$ 10


$ 50


$ 75


$ 400

Kids Clay

$ 20


$ 30


$ 75


$ 1,200


$ 13,649

Transfer to Local Clay

$ 300

Transfer to BrokenPot

$ 0


$ 1,847


$ 500


$ 150

PrePay Insurance

$ 260


$ 3,057

TOTAL Expenses

$ 16,706

Income ( - ) Expenses

$ 1,149