Attending : Susan Roden, Shirley & Jerry Huft, Tracie Manso, Holly Dubrasich, Susan Fishel, Avi Harriman, Ken Standhardt, Frank Gosar, Paula MacCullen, Rhoda Fleischman, Robin Russell, Elaine Pruitt, Merry Newcomer, Mary Hindman, Susie Young, Faith Rahill, Michael Fromme, Linda Williams, Alissa Clark


Paula began the meeting by finishing the CLAYFEST BUDGET :


Debit/Credit                   $ 10

Publicity                     $ 3500

Sponsorship                  $ 50

Bookkeeper                   $ 50

Demo                           $ 150

Kids Clay                        $ 50 (aprons)

Secretary                          $ 5

WorkShifts                     $ 10

Gallery                          $ 150

Set-Up                        $ 4175

($800 storage, $625 lights, $200 pedestals/materials, $2450 pipe & drape, $100 miscellaneous)


Anticipate $1750 income from booths for pipe & drape


Merry motions, Tracie seconds to accept the budget - unanimously passes


LATE LOCAL CLAY DUES : Among the members who did not pay their Local Clay dues by the January 31 deadline to be eligible for ClayFest, were 3 ClayFest Chairs. At the last Local Clay Board Meeting, it was decided that members who paid their dues by April 15, could pay a $30 late fee with their ClayFest application to be eligible for the show.




·        Paula introduced Ken Standhardt as the Kids Clay trainee under present Chair, Elise Corin. He stated his qualifications, and was heartily accepted.

·        She then introduced Elaine Pruitt and Susie Young, from Local Clay who may be interested in Chair positions. Susie has computer capabilities. By the end of the meeting, they expressed interest in being co-Chairs for Publicity.

·        Rosa & Spencer who have been the Credit/Debit Chair are not going to be in ClayFest. They plan to move to San Diego. Someone is needed to fill the position immediately. Linda Heisserman and Gail Pendergrass were both suggested. Paula will check their interest.



Clarification from last months meeting : There are 18 committee Chairs + 6 Local Clay officers = 24 people who automatically get a booth. Out of 56 total booths, that leaves 32 for other persons with points and other booth applicants.

The order of booth selection starts with the highest number of points. Current Chairs go first, then others with the highest number of points. If there is more than 1 current Chair with the most points their names are drawn to determine the order of booth selection. Likewise, if there is more than 1 other person with most points, their names are drawn to determine the order of booth selection after the Chairs. Next is the second highest number of points, if there is more than 1 current Chair with that amount of points, their names are drawn to determine the order of booth selection, etc.


Shirley suggests : After all people with points choose their booth, trainees with no points should get to select their booth before other applicants. This would be a “perk” for committee Chair trainees. This is heartily endorsed.


PUBLICITY CHAIR : Frank has a CD of high resolution photos from last years ClayFest show taken by Jon Meyers. He also has a sample article that was not used last year.

Eugene Weekly has not been used enough for publicity - need to contact them.




Grace, the Registrar, could not be at this meeting. Paula went through last years application line-by-line to make changes for this year.


Changes to note are :

·        Gallery Only participants are required to submit a $25 refundable deposit with their application. Those who cancel after September 1 will forfeit their deposit.

·        Persons who paid their Local Clay dues after January 31 and before April 15, need to include a $30 penalty with their application, to be eligible for the show.


The DEADLINES for 2007 are as follows :


·        April 15 - Last day to pay Local Clay dues to be eligible to participate in the show.

·        May 2 - Application postmark deadline

·        May 16 - Booth Assignment Meeting, 7:30PM EWEB

·        May 22 - Booth notification mailed

·        June 30 - Advertising image deadline for postcard and poster

·        July 31  - Advertising image deadline for print ads

·        August 1 - 100% refund cancellation postmark deadline

·        August 13 – Move-In Packet and Committee/WorkShift Info mailed

·        August 15 - Gallery Only application postmark deadline

·        September 1 - 50% refund cancellation postmark deadline (NO refunds after September 1)

·        October 12 - Show set-up: Noon to 10PM

·        October 13 - October 14, 2007 - ClayFest Show : Saturday 10AM – 6PM, Sunday 10AM – 6PM


It is requested that Grace mail a post card to all Local Clay members approximately a week before the application is available to notify everyone. It will inform them the ClayFest application will be available on-line to be downloaded and mailed back. Those who want to request an application be mailed to them, will need to contact (phone, write) Grace.




Alissa Clark requested $50 to partially compensate her for expenses incurred last year in this position. She lost the receipts and had been in touch with Susan Fishel about this matter. It was approved to make an exception and give her the money.

She then reported that Skutt and Stash Tea had already committed sponsorship. Stash Tea would give money, not gift certificates.

Other suggestions included : Pacific Continental Bank who Local Clay and ClayFest both bank with; Jerry’s  Home Improvement, Better Lighting and Selco Credit Union (they give community grants).


Susan Fishel said that when she submitted our taxes, she included a letter asking for sponsorship in lieu of a bill.