CLAYFEST Steering Committee Meeting - @ EWEB - March 22, 2006

Attendance : Don Clarke, Avi Harriman, Joshwaa Allen, Holly Dubrasich, Michael Fromme, Michael Baines, Elise Corin, Linda Williams Jeani Holder, Mary Hindman, Dan Schmitt, Faith Rahill, Merry Newcomer, Frank Gosar, Paula MacCullen, Susan Roden

Show Budget

Paula started off with the Final Budget for ClayFest

Visa Chair

    Does not have an amount for a wireless phone line, so we can have an extra line to use to confirm charge sales quickly. That item is not included in the budget.

Mailing/Distribution Chair (Holly)

    There is a $.01/card increase over last year for mailing. She looked into the cost of mailing cards so that the undeliverable ones are returned to us, so they can be purged from our master mailing list. The cost is $.75/card. This is more than we want to pay. After MUCH discussion, about the effectiveness of the postcards and mailing list, it was decided: Holly will compose a message for the webmaster to distribute to everyone, asking for deletions and changes from their mailing lists. Avi offered to assist Holly with purging the mailing list. (Faith said the cards that are returned to her as undeliverable from her studio sale, she gives to Holly to purge from the mailing list.).

    Instead of sending cards to households with income >$100,000.00 as we have the last few years, we will target a different demographic (for a change). She can decide whether to start at $100,000.00 income and go down, or start at $80,000.00 income and go up, or target specific zip codes. After the show we will note whether the change made any difference in attendance/sales. The budget for this committee is increased to allow for sending more postcards.

Poster/Graphics Chair (Frank)

    His proposed budget of $1615 will need to be increased some to allow for printing of some more postcards for the increased mailing quantity. $1700 will do fine - and it is under last years budget of $2000.

Publicity Chair (Dan) :

    He checked with KLCC on the cost of advertising spots on Saturday of the show. On weekends, they charge $30/spot. We want 3 spots of them for that Saturday. Along with 3/day @ $25/spot on Mon - Fri for 2 weeks before the show, and they will give us 10 extra at night. Jerry Huft, Gallery Chair did a retail search for lights. Paula listed the quotes.

Set-up Chair (Michael Baines) :

    Also checked prices for gallery lights ~ $400 will get us one row of lights in the gallery. (Do we want one row of lights down the middle or 2 rows, one on each side?) For ~$750 we can get 2 rows of nice track lights and not have to borrow from OPA/Showcase. For ~$75 can purchase the wood to make 3 - 5 floor pedestals. That requires a work party, and after discussion will not be done this year. For ~$250 can purchase hollow doors to use as walls in the gallery. One less item to borrow from OPA/Showcase. Yes, will do. $750 (lights) + $250 (walls) = $1,000 for gallery budget.

Sponsorship Chair (Ali) :

    Requested $75, a small increase over last year.

Webmaster (Don) :

    This is a new line in the budget. Requested $140.

Local Clay :

    Agreed to allocate $1,000 to Local Clay - last year it was $750.

Our beginning cash went from $8,250 in 2005 up to $12,940 in 2006. With the estimated booth fees, sponsorship and commissions the same as last year, we have more than enough money to cover all budget requests, and other expenses.

Last year the commission for artists at the show was increased 1% from 15% to 16%. Artist sales increased almost $10,000 from 2004 to 2005 show. Frank estimates at last year’s sales numbers, if the commission was 1% less, the income would have dropped $720. We will still be within our budget. Faith motioned to drop the commission 1%, back to 15% and 10% for chairs. Approved.

The complete budget is listed at the end of the minutes.

Frank moved to approve the budget. Approved.

Trainees :

Paula reviewed which chairs need trainees and who they are. She has ideas of new people for Signage Trainee. Here are the trainees and their committee: Building -Melinda King, Publicity - Joshwaa Allen, Registrar - Grace Sheese, Sales Tags - Robin Russell, Security - Linda Williams, Set-up - Avi Harriman, Workshifts - Tracie Manso. Paula has ideas of new people for Signage Trainee.

Show Application :

Don asked for any last changes on the Show Application. It goes to the printer tomorrow.

Merry asked for 1 committee person for Cash, which was not on the application. Noted that Demo is a 2-hour workshift instead of 3 hours. Booth assignment meeting : May 15 at Club Mud in the Garden Room.

Future Meetings

Wednesday, September 20 at EWEB is the last meeting before ClayFest. Monday, October 23 will be the wrap-up meeting at EWEB.

Paula asks everyone to consider a Friday opening for ClayFest in 2007.

Will discuss at next meeting before booth selection.

Meeting is adjourned.

Beginning CASH

$ 12,940

Booth Fees

$ 7,120


$ 1,150


$ 10,365


$ 18,635


$ 2,001


$ 332


$ 1,391


$ 180


$ 50


$ 225


$ 3,600


$ 2,200


$ 1,700

Security/INFO Desk

$ 10


$ 1,000


$ 500

Committee Workshifts

$ 10


$ 75


$ 100


$ 200

Kids Clay

$ 25


$ 10


$ 140


$ 110


$ 1,200


$ 15,059

Transfer to Local Clay

$ 1,000

Transfer to BrokenPot

$ 285


$ 1,000


$ 500


$ 150

PrePay Insurance

$ 262


$ 3,197

TOTAL Expenses

$ 18,256