ClayFest Steering Committee 3/16/04

In attendance : Don Clarke, Paula MacCullen, Frank Gosar, Linda Williams, Mary Briggs, Barb Ward, Merry Newcomer

Application packet review : Don received some input from Cynthia, Frank had some further observations. As the review progressed, the logistics of having a meeting where all qualified applicants would select their space became beyond anticipated realm of probability. It was then decided to allow current Chairs and others with points to choose as defined in the Policies and for those without points to be assigned a space by random drawing (in postmark order) as in previous years (the Policies will be updated to reflect this change). Another issue is the number of Committee members needed by the various Chairs. There will be a signup sheet at the next meeting for all Chairs to review and confirm the number of persons needed on their Committee, if any. Those not in attendance need to advise Don or Linda Williams of their exact needs by phone or e-mail as soon as possible.

Question : Will co-Chairs be allowed? Don was asked about this, several issues arose - how to assign points, workshifts, will each be guaranteed a booth? Due to these questions, it was decided not to accept co-Chairing of Committees at this time and to add the topic to the annual "policy" meeting agenda.

Trainees : current openings were reviewed, most now have been filled. Chairperson and Registrar are open, Don has expressed willingness to fill these positions again in 2005 if no one steps forward. Publicity still open. Frank has reviewed Coni Tarquini's portfolio, she has art director skills but is not trained in preparing printer-ready artwork. Frank is willing to train her this year and hope she can be Trainee in 2005. Other Trainee positions filled as follows : Demos - Rhoda Fleischman; KidsClay - Elise Corin; Mail/Postering - Ellen Davidson; Sales - Faith Rahill; Security - Cheryl Kempner as Chair (as Greg has resigned).

Signage : Michael was not present so no update received.

Cardboard Pedestals : allowable as long as all exposed surfaces are painted with flame retardant paint.

Sponsorship : Mary has been studying the OPA/Showcase sponsorship packet and has gotten some good ideas from that source. We need to look for in-kind sponsor who can provide some of the things we would otherwise have to pay for (copy machine, printing, postering, advertising, etc). OPA focuses on art related sponsors who will get a benefit from working with them (art supply stores, galleries, etc). Mary will send out letters to a list of possibilities she is compiling; the main goal is to maintain current/past sponsors and to gradually expand that base of support without giving up the integrity of our show. She will give them levels of support and ask if they have suggestions on in-kind support. She is also still open to suggestions on others to contact.

Next meeting : June 23rd at EWEB - 500 East 4th Ave. Eugene, OR

6:00 - 7:30PM Steering Committee
7:30 - 8:30PM booth selection.

Reminder :
Start compiling your list of supplies/logistical needs so you have it all ready by show time and don't show up without what you need. Last year we were missing some critical items needed to open the show and various Committee Chairs thought someone else was And be ready to tell Linda how many Committee members you need as well as any changes in work shift needs at the June 23rd meeting.